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Lunch Meeting on Lunch Meat?


Ok, I don't knw if I jus bought a crappy brand (land o' frost) but when does 57 grams of turkey have only 9 grams of protein, 740 mg of sodium, 40mg of cholesterol and 6g of fat, in which 2gs are saturated....

What lunch meat do you buy? If you even buy it.


I purchase Boar's Head.

Most of their lunch meat selections are nitrite (or is it nitrate?) free and it also tastes damn good.

You can find a list of the nitrite-free selections by googling.


Natural Selections from Maple Leaf

Heres the ingredients list for the ham

Ham, water, honey, sea salt, lemon juice concentrate, vinegar, smoke flavour, cultured celery extract, cane sugar.


... I guess when it's all water and salt.


I think it's nitrate, and i will def. look into it. Is it something i can purchase in a store? i've never seen that brand. Thanks for the response. I'm not eating lunch meat anymore till i find a healthy substitute. Just gonna buy and cook bulk raw meat at one sitting and store it.