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Lunch meat

What’s the deal with lunchmeat? I eat a 1/2lb of smoked turkey everyday for lunch. It has 11 grams of protein a 2 oz serving. Plus it’s easy! Please advise. Thanks.

The problem is it is highly processed and totally loaded with sodium, preservatives, and other questionable substances…Many brands contain a good portion of sugar as well. I don’t think using lunchmeat occassionally is a bad thing but relying on it for a majority of your protein needs is probably not a great idea.

So there is 11 grams of protein in a 2oz. serving. What about the other ingredients? Most lunch meats are just loaded with crap. You would be better off cooking your own turkey breast to get good, quality protein. No additives either. It would only be a fraction of the price your paying for that processed junk. If you have followed this site for long you know that lunch meats are one of the last on the list as far as quality protein choices go. Use it as a last resort if you have to…your body will thank you for it!

As long as you are using a quality lunch meat, it should be ok. Check the ingredients to see what fillers are used (watch out for the soy protein). They are a little high in sodium, but if you do not have any sodium issues, its not a big deal.

From the editors of T-mag: “…avoid those
processed and chemical-laden deli meats, along with bologna
and franks.” www.testosterone.net/articles/172food.html

I am curious about this also. I have seen Berardi put it on his foods to avoid. I know the packaged deli meats are overly processed and super high in sodium, but I do not see what is wrong with the deli meat cut fresh.

Thanks for the info. I guess there’s no difference between packaged and fresh cut?!

Let’s say you’re in 7-11 and you can choose between a package of processed turkey or a protein bar. Neither is top qulaity protein, so what would you go with? Assume the same price, and same amount of protein.

If I was at 7-11 I’d go for the 2% milk (or skim when cutting). I eat a lot of beef jerky, too. Some brands are better than others for additives (nitrates, preservatives).