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Lunch Ideas


I am looking for some good recipes for easy yet nutritional lunches. What is everyone here eating for lunch at work? I can only eat so many chicken breasts and vegetables and fruit. I'd like to make things a little more interesting.


Tasty Salad:

1 can of pesto tuna
1 can of smoked oyster
wild rice
raw brocoli
dried grape
cottage cheese or mozzarella


Honestly just make a big ass sandwich. I know a lot of people shit on bread, I do too, but it is so damn convenient. Get some 12-grain bread or whatever grain they are up to now, and stuff it with turkey, tomatoes, mustard, light mayo, spinach or lettuce, avocados, etc. Then have some mixed nuts and an apple. Fuckin' win.


Both sandwich and salad recipes look great actually, I'd go with those. Do you have access to a microwave at work? Rice, veggies, mixed meat dish with Asian or Middle Eastern spices works very well. I had home made chicken patties yesterday with grilled broccoli and some Moroccan Chicken gravy/sauce and an omelet too.


Burritos, pretty much the only "fast food" I allow myself.

Fat and sodium high, otherwise, good macro breakdown.

But they do get old fast, I'm about sick of Chicken+Brown Rice and Soya Sauce too


Yeah if you have a microwave, make some chili on the weekend and eat that shit for the next 5 days for lunch, lol.


Big tupperware bowl with (cold leftover) steamed broccoli or cauliflower, tossed with a vineagrette (sp?) Sliced steak on top, or a piece of grilled salmon, sliced terriyaki chicken breast, etc. Basically any kind of fibrous vegetables (salad etc) with a protein source.


Chilli, cheese omelet, Stew, beef stir fry(my favorite), Cottage cheese and PB, Tuna and Cottage Cheese, chicken and cauliflower soup, lambs liver, Salmon steak with lemon.

Man the possibility's are endless.

You should look at anabolic nutrition the cook book for bodybuilders or even on this web site, J.B has a few articles dedicated to tasty muscle building meals.





I get about 2-2.5lbs of ground beef, 2 cans of kidney beans, 2 7oz containers of pico de gallo... brown the beef, season the fuck out of it (salt/pepper/garlic/crushed red pepper), then throw everything all together in a pot and dump in buttload of chili powder and some cayenne pepper. Less than 20mins, good for 5 meals.


Cumin also adds a great flavor to Chili and is good for you. I also like to mix up my beans and include Garbanzo beans (higher fiber) and black beans in addition to kidney beans.


I try to limit my grains as much as possible, but sometimes I makes a bunch of sloppy joes and take that for a couple days. Lots of turkey burgers (covered in A1), chilli, chicken and mashed potatoes. Lots of options out there. I can't leave for lunch so I make 3 days worth of food and cook just twice a week.


I eat basically the same shit everyday, and for lunch have 1/2 cup-ish pre cooked brown rice, 8oz salmon and broccoli. Cook it all on Sunday and I'm good to go for the week.