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Lunatic on the street

Just joking with this, I’m gonna add some Sprinting and Sledgehammer work insted of typical treadmill stuff, and thought it would be hiliarious to do both. Think about it from a sheep perspective. Theres a guy running down the street with a sledgehammer and a crazed look in his eye! he keeps stopping and pounding the ground with the hammer then takes off running again. I think he escaped from a psych ward or is a murderer HELP! Just a little humor for ya

That’s the same exact workout routine my ex-wife used! Unfortunately for her, a concerned police officer shot her dead.

Make sure to do this workout in a thong or speedos for extra hilarity. Also, the sledgehammer can be replaced with a heavy, rusty battleaxe with good impact on both the cardio-vascular and “insane intimidation” aspects.

Just don’t ask how I know.


That is indeed a great mental image. I second the speedo motion. And for god’s sake, have someone take pictures. Then post them on the forum. Then bathe in the adulation of your fellow T-psychos.

If you do this, call Jimmy Kimmel and you’ll probably get on his show. I hear he’s looking for gigs to record with his new show. Friggin hill-air-eee-us!!!

If you do this up right, there just might be a Biotest leather jacket in it for you…

Instead of a speedo, how about a thong, worn backwards. That would really kick up the psycho factor a notch.

 That IS hilarious.