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Lunar Perigee


This is going to be amazing for all out there who actually appreciate natural beauty. March 19,the moon will be its closet to our homes. What makes this one special? A full moon hasnt been this big in nearly 20 years.

If only for a few seconds...look up at the sky tonight and enjoy. =)


its too late now...lol


I was massively unimpressed.


I Howled.


Lol same. I was really excited about this as well. I expected a Smallville moon but it was just very slightly bigger with the normal brightness a full moon brings.


I had a long drive home last night, at first glance I was not impressed but after staring at it for a while (and not the road) it was pretty awesome.


The moon always impresses me, and I sat outside under the perigee moon for a good long time.