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Lunar Cycles and Soreness?


Not a hippy, just wondered if anyone has any experience with being extra sore during a full moon?


Are you on your period during this soreness?


yea, it might also be the sand...get the sand out of your vag.


You probably caught teh ghey...


Do you happen to turn into a wolf and roam the woods attacking people? Because I heard that can make you really sore.


Class of 09 delivers again!


Yes, I am sore after full moons. I am a werewolf.


Theoretically there really could be something to that. You should get a grant and study it! :slightly_smiling:


Yeah of course. It all has to do with the gravity of the moon and spring tides; something about the body stretching because of the moon. Serio.


If you're sore after full moons, you might actually be getting it up the ass by werewolves.


lol, werewolves and the ghey