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Lump Under Skin


I've been injecting 50mg 2x wk IM. I got a fairly painful, hard lump under my skin that after icing, went away after about 2 wks. After that shot I went to SC shots and did another in the same area, glute, but not in the same spot, a few inches down and over. Well I got another painful lump only a little softer but the same size. It's like having a clam shell under my skin.

I'm making sure to clean everything properly and don't understand. Especially the SC shot. No idea why that turned into a lump unless I didn't let the other area heal properly. Injections in left glute are fine, no problems. I've been icing daily and wondering if I shouldn't be putting heat on it to dissolve the crystals. I did the loderal thing which seemed to help and took KSman's advice on the 2xwk shots.

So to surmise, I did on IM shot in r glute that turned into a painful clamshell under my skin for 2wks, did all my other shots SC in the left glute in the meantime with no problems. A couple of wks later did a SC shot in the r glute and it did the same thing as the IM shot a month earlier.

Any advice would help and should I switch to heat instead of ice or mix it up?

Thanks in advance


Is it possible that you nicked a vein on the affected side twice in a row? Since you don't mention inflamation in that area, and haven't had problems on the other side, it doesn't sound like an infectious process. One thing you might try in the future is to hold pressure over the injection site a little longer in case there is a minor bleed. I usually hold pressure for a couple minutes.

Another thing you can do is vary your injection sites a bit more. Maybe change up to upper outer quads occasionally. That's where I do almost all of my injections, since there's a big area available, and it's easier for me to hit. Sometimes my wife feels extra mean and likes to jab me in the butt, but mostly quads for me. I use 1/2" 30 ga BD needles and don't worry about whether the injection is SubQ or IM.

Since you're trying to disolve and disburse the lump, I would think heat would be better than cold. Maybe cold for the first day to slow the lump growth and heat thereafter??? Just a guess.

Has your vial of T gotten really cold? Not likely, but I guess it's possible that it has crystalized. Warm the vial by rolling it between your palms. That will also make it easier to draw up and inject.


Thanks Wally, I used an 18 ga and sucked about 50mg of blood out of the center of it and it wasn't pusy or anything. I did my Saturday morning shot in my other leg, 50mg SubQ with no problems. I think you are right, heat is probably better. Perhaps I'll mix it up.

Thanks again Wally, I'll keep you posted


What size needle are you using for your SubQ injections?


1/2" 30ga. I've applied heat today and lump is still under skin but no pain and a bit mushy.


I had lumps and skin was orange peel with T injections for months following my massive surgical infection [2010] after doc torn my intestine. My body simply was acting differently for a while. So not everything is easily explained. Later, same brand of T was not a problem.

You also swab the top of the vial?