Lump under skin, shallow IM injection site

I have lump, no discoloration and no pain response, under my skin on my right quad where I normally pin for TRT 2x week. I’m approaching 7 months on TRT. It’s kind of dense to the touch. I changed locations to see if the lump would resolve and it’s still ‘hanging around’ after a week so far. Is there any reason it wouldn’t get absorbed and reduce in size over time? Anyone experience this in the past and have found ways to resolve it?

You sure it’s an injection lump or is it a lipoma?

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Sometimes I would get a nodule if I injected too quickly.

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I’m entertaining the idea. Is it a common thing for injection sites to turn into lipomas due to the trauma from the pins?

How long do they typically stick around in your case? I’m hoping it resolves itself over time.

About a week. It could be fluid that is trapped in the nodule and it may take time for it to resolve.

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Thank you. It’s been about a week so far. I’ll try and monitor the size over time. Hoping it’s something simple.

Wanted to provide an update. I ended up massaging the area, pressing hard on the area, and was able to ‘break up’ the lump. Still some fluid under the skin, however I feel it’s in a state that will be more easily absorbed over time.