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Lump Under Nipple - Test/Tren

Looking for some advice here. I’m on week #4 of a low test P/high tren A cycle. 300 test/500 tren weekly. I’ve been running .25mg arimidex ed and .5mg prami ed. Both research chems. This is my third cycle. I noticed around week two a lump beginning to form under my left nipple. The nipple was not sensitive/itchy etc. but would be sore if pressed on. Over the past two weeks I’ve been keeping an eye on it and it doesn’t seem to have gotten worse or any better. Yesterday, I picked up some vitamin B6 and began dosing at 200mg twice daily.

Any advice? I am considering dropping the tren, upping the test to 500/week and starting nolva at 20/day until it subsides. I was also considering ordering some letro (I have none on hand). Should I be extremely concerned about this?