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Lump In Pec

Ok so I noticed this painful lump under my right nipple. And i’m like “wtf i didn’t know dudes can get breast cancer”. So I went to the doctor. He’s sending me for an ultrasound just in case, but he said he’s pretty sure it’s a ruptured muscle fibre in my pec. He said ice, advil, and no strain. Which means no working my chest for at least a few weeks. But do you guys think it’s ok to keep doing my dips?

Just for anyone’s info, men can and do get breast cancer.

Could be a Cyst…

If it is, they can drain it or you can see if it goes away on its own. Most do.

Cysts can be cancerous, but it is not common. And yes, men can get Breast Cancer…it happens more often than you might think.

Good to hear you saw your doctor. Gotta take care of yourself.

How old are you? During adolescence and my early 20s I sometimes got the same thing. Doctor never thought it was important and simply told me to come back if it was still there in 2 weeks. It never was, although they felt more like fat deposits than muscle.

You did well by going to the doctor, but don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. And about dips: well, they work your pecs, don’t they? A week off isn’t going to shrink your chest :slight_smile:

So you’re thinking no dips huh :frowning:

It’s funny, when i first felt it it was right after I started taking Alpha Male and I was like “whoa” but i’m pretty sure that was just coincidence :slight_smile:

Oh for whoever asked, i’m 31 years old. And ya I know guys can get breast cancer, but it’s pretty rare. The doctor said that it’s like 1%, and since I have no family history and i’m young and all that, it’s very unlikely. I’m not too worried about it.

Thanks t-dawgs!

If your doctor told you no straining I’d do what he says. No dips for you! (All apologies for the Seinfeld joke)