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Lump From Primo DS Shots

i am doing clp primo ds @600mg ew I done my second shot on Tuesday. I have still got a lump in that area which will not go i can walk and move but if i knock it it kills me. It is a little warm.

I have just finished a course of antibiotics so it cannot be infected. Do you think it is still undispersed oil this many days later??

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I got the same thing with my first cycle (which was primo 600mg/w). By my 3rd week I was a mess of swollen injection sites.

I am sure that the primo was fine and I though that maybe it just was because it was my first try at injecting.

Not sure why it happened exactly.

It seemed to get better when I injected smaller amounts more frequently. I also started injecting more deeply and massaging the site after to break up the oil.

As was already said make sure you are injecting deep enough into the muscle tissue with a proper length needle.
See Ya

You should be fine though - I’ve had a few ‘hotties’ in my time and they have all resolved on their own.

This helps thanks.
I have only been doing 1.5ml mixed with bac water to try and smooth out pain.
I think i will do 0.5ml in different places. Dont really enjoy sore site while i am training.
cheers lads

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Yes i get that and it did not really make any difference with bac water.

What i am doing now is just doing 0.5ml in different sites. Sooooo many people have problems with clp ds primo.After this i will not use it again i will use single dose and another brand like bd.