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Lump at Injection Site


First injection of test e in glute last night. I was nervous so I was very wiggly with the needle and even rotated it a bit after insertion. Then pushed the gear in too quickly. I believe those are the reasons why I have a very painful lump there now. No redness or hotness. Is there any way to make it go away faster. It's extremely uncomfortable.


Now I think I have a fever. My body is roasting but I feel cold..


BA content is to high in the gear and or its dirty and you are developing a infection .


This. I've also heard conjecture that the more you move the needle while it's inserted, the more muscle fibers you're damaging (obviously.)

Take a warm heating pad / compress and gently massage.


Thanks. Got some antibiotic incase it's an infection, and getting hot compress now.


I had to go onto the vial at least three times. And made two attempts at injecting before making full insertion of the needle. Could this be the cause of the infection? I alcohol swabbed the vial and the injection site very well beforehand.


Well having the needle exposed your risking contamination. Better to swab then inject then to hesitate a few times with the needle out. Also like reed said.