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Lump After Subq Test Injection

My question is when I have this lump in stomach, is my test still being absorbed correctly? because they are small and dont bother me but if its not being absorbed im going to move back to IM injections obvi.

If it’s in your body it’ll be absorbed. Don’t even worry about it. There’s a threshold for volume with subq where the lumps are too big and annoying, but otherwise it’ll be absorbed.

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How much did you inject, out of curiosity

Why did you inject test subq ?

.5 ml

Read multiple articles when moving to low dose TRT it had better results and not having to worry about building up scar tissue in muschle for such low dose when you are staying on year round.

27/28 g 0.5 inch insulin pin to the shoulder or DG injection. No lump.

Leave the stomach alone and if you really want to inject there with true subQ and get a lump, apply firm pressure for 10 seconds to the site after injection. No lump, problem solved.

I sometimes used to encounter this with subQ hCG injection to ab area.

3.5 years and I don’t have any scar tissue. My experience is under 1 mL per injection.

I’m just not convinced since most guys have lumps or redness using SQ. Your body is telling you it doesn’t like the oil sitting in there, IMO. But, numbers don’t lie I guess. If you’re worried about scar tissue use smaller needles