Lump after Shot

5 days after rear delt shot I have a swollen mass over the site not red no heat not running temperature and only tinder if your trynna press hard but defiently noticeable and swollen should I be worried or?

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Sterile abscess?


Given that it’s been 2 weeks plus I assume you’ve rectified your issue. Speaking from personal experiences I’ve had this issue before. I get lumps from using an injection site too often or dumping too much gear into a muscle that can’t take that much. 3cc ass shots are a no no for me lol. Could also be your body not reacting with that drug or ester.

Unless you have other physical symptoms of an infection you should be okay. Put a heat pad/bag on the area. Take a couple anti inflammatories. It’s always worked for me. However if you are concerned the safest course of action is to consult a professional. I’m lucky to have a couple nursing friends that answer my questions.

Hope that helped.

What was the issue? I am currently having that same problem. It’s been 5 days and still a very large hard mass.

Old post bud, unlikely you will get an answer from OP. Lumps happen sometimes, you can get a deposit of oil at the site. No bigge, it will go.

If you have other issues like post injection pain, then answers can be found by doing a search on here for PIP.