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Lumberjacks ?


What does this exercise work? What would it do for me?


According to the text-book:

1) cut down trees
2) skip and jump
3) press wild flowers


You forgot 4) Go to the lavatory


"Have buttered scones for tea."

Seriously: I think it's all about core work. Ask yourself what part of the body you feel is being used. That's the part it works.
How will it "help"? Any strengthening of any part of your body is a good idea, which is why, for instance, some coaches eschew straps for lifting heavy: they want you to improve your grip strength by having to hold the weight unassisted.

It's a half-assed answer, i know, and you probably want more. But at least I didn't say "Put on women's clothing and hang around in bars."


Trying to be helpful this time: Could it be alternating sledgehammer hits from left and right? whether on a vertical or horizontal target, I couldn't say.


I was thinking Monty Python jokes would abound. hehe

I have never done them actualy. Just saw someone in a video and wonderd about pros and cons. Looks Pretty Brutal!


You could always do the Schwarzenegger approach, do 20 sets of 20, and see what's sore the next day.