Lumber Mill Work + Weight Training Caloric Intake Help

I’m almost 40 and haven’t lifted or been active athletically for almost 20 years.

When I got out of my sedentary job and started at a lumber mill 6.5 weeks ago, I weighed in at 295lbs (I’m 5’10”). I am now at 260lbs. and starting to have more energy.

I just joined a gym and want to get back into the game, lifting M/W/F doing whole body each day.

I work five 10-hour shifts per week, with half of the day doing work similar to the following:

The other half of the day I am on my feet, but stationary - only really moving my upper body by flipping and pushing 2x4s on a chain/belt and occasionally turning and pulling them into carts.

I’d like to have a caloric deficit and macro balance to lose fat, but not sure where to start for calculating needs and macros.

Thank you.

Jump on google and find one of them calculators. Put in your info and activity levels and it’ll give you an estimate. Maybe post it up here if you want us to have a look at it.

It’s only an estimate mind you so the next step is to start on those macros, weighing yourself daily under similar circumstances e.g. first thing in the morning after a shit, then after a week of being consistent/precise observe what happens on the scales and adjust accordingly:

Gaining weight > calories too high >drop calories
Same weight > at maintenance so calories still too high > drop calories a little
Losing weight super fast > may want to consider as per below.

To promote favourable changes in body composition while in a deficit e.g. hold onto as much muscle as possible or even gain muscle in your case you need to maintain intensity and hard work in the gym. For this you need fuel for your workouts and nutrient resources to recover. So eat enough to keep training hard and recover fully but still lose weight. If workouts suffer you may need to bump calories up via carbs.

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Set protein intake at 240 g/d (at least until your BW falls below 240#).

Set calories at 15/lb/d. The non-protein cals can be made up of any combo of carbs and fat you want, so long as you don’t cut fat below about 50 g/d.

If you lose weight appropriately at 15 cals/lb/d, stay there. If you fail to lose weight, cut it to 13 or 14. If you’re losing weight too fast, increase it to 16-17.


Thank you.

I’ll start here and do some meal planning this weekend. I’ll update here after the first week.

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