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Lumbar Spine Not Bending or Flexing


I am a 27 y/o male with a slender build (since this began the only exercise I've really done is road biking, probably not the best choice, I know). About two years ago or so I started experiencing pain in my hamstring and leg area. I soon realized it was sciatica. Only recently have I begun to think that I have "posterior pelvic tilt" (thanks to the tnation forums).

I have a flat lumbar (or 'stick in the back' according to one chiropractor), flat butt, and what I would think as tight hamstrings, and I'm not sure if my quads/glutes are firing on the right side. My thoracic spine is now compensating for the lack of lumbar curve and is now turning into hyper-kyphosis (??) and I'm sure my neck is to follow.

With this weird selection of symptoms is there anything you can recommend? My x-ray results about five months ago didn't have my family doctor concerned (although he said backs are supposed to be straight ... and could only recommend taking ibuprofen etc.) and I have an MRI booked for December.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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That's exactly the answer I didn't want to get back!

Hopefully it isn't I'm going to ask for an SI joint x-ray, I've heard that is a good indication.


Not just that one. You must ask for anteroposterior (to look for "bamboo spine sign" and other data) and lateral (to easure your curvatures) vertebral x-rays. Hope we are wrong