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Lumbar Flexion When Full Squatting


Hi Guys,

It's been drilled into us for a while now that full squats are the way to go when squatting, for a number of reasons such as knee health, complete leg development etc etc.

I've always dropped below parallel when squatting (i.e. when the crease in my hip is lower than the crease in my knee), but recently videoed my form and found that from around 4-5 inches above this parallel position my lower back begins to round and I am unable to maintain neutral spine. I believe this is down to hamstring flexibility but not 100% sure??? I know it's the hamstring pulling on the pelvis that is cauing it to rotate, so it would seem that hamstring flexibility is the obvious reason??

Can anyone either point me to existing threads or give me some advice as to whether or not there is something I can do about it?? How would I go about solving this problem? Just extra stretching for the hamstrings? Or is the answer to just stop squatting so low and only descending to a depth where I can maintain neutral spine??

All comments appreciated thanks guys


i personally have that problem only when squattin ass to grass.try luking for dan joh's instructional video on olympic lifts. thereis good info there. Even in one session, you can improve by squatting as deep as you can with proper form and then pushing your knees out withyour elbows and holding that position for 30-40 seconds.
Also, trying goodmornings and sldls will help to increase confidence and flexibility strengh. Just realy focus ongetting a stretch on your hamstrings, especially on the sldls.


This happens to me with deadlifts.

It's most likely tight hamstrings or hip flexors, or maybe both.

Personally, I know it's hamstrings.


you better stop squatting like that. I have the same problem and have fucked my back up pretty badly as a result. The facet joints between l5 and s1 are pretty messed up. I'm not sure of a solution, but don't round your back! try box squats to control depth.


but, you're not a real man unless you go ATG (at least according to some on this site).


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Glute and hip stretching helped me. Lots of it too, 3-4times daily 30-40 second hold, every day.


Not to hi-jack, but what about with front squats? I don't feel like I have full lumbar flexion but on my maximal sets I do sometimes end up leaning forward as I come up. Have yet to have any semblance of back problems from them though...