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Lumbar Flexion in Squat?

I don’t know why I have such a problem with lumbar flexion. I’ve tried bracing, I’ve tried teying to keep my low back arched or contracted. NOTHING seems to work or make even the slightest improvment. Can someone figure out what the hell Im doing wrong? Beyond frustrated…

Is it causing you lower back pain, hip flexor pain, knee pain or discomfort anywhere around your spine/hips/knees?

I think lumbar pain a little. Im just irritated nothing works to correct it.

Does it stay there when you chock your heels? Could be poor ankle flexibility.

Does it get better or worse with differing stance widths? Could be your hip anatomy just doesnt like depth. The butt wink is right around parallel for you so I wouldn’t be too worried at the moment.

Give this a read:

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Could you try taking a video of you doing goblet squats?

Goblet squats are awesome. If you’re learning to squat then I’d recommend lots of goblet squats in addition to the barbell (on the light side so form can be taught) squat.


You kinda just generally lean forward.

You use a low bar position, with the elbows kinda back, which makes you lean forward.

You wear raised heels, which put you on your toes, and encourages your knees come forward. This makes you lean forward more.

No belt, so the front of your body is not super tight, which causes you to lean forward more.

At the bottom, everything is so forward, your butt has to wink under to get any kind of leverage. Your knees and the bar are so far forward, your hips have to come forward/underneath to get under the bar.

So maybe belt up, put the bar up on your shoulders, stand up straighter?


To me it looks like you’re doing a combination of a low and high bar back squat. You have some dorsiflexion like a high bar squat, but your bar placement looks lower from the view of the video. Choose one and go from there; I personally think that low bar is easier on form.

Buttwink is due to the lumbar portion of the spine realigning. I think a little bit isn’t too bad, especially since it is at the bottom of your movement. But I’d still suggest choosing a squat and working on that form.

Check out Alan Thrall’s video about low versus high bar squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQuCi2h_kNI