Lumbar. Ext. Based Pain

Hey coach!

I was wondering if you have any experience training individuals with lumbar extension based back pain.

If so, what exercises, loading methods, etc, do you tend to shy away from?

And what exercises, for the most part, tend to be ‘safe’ for most individuals?

Do you have any recommendations for someone with something like this?

Thanks, CT!

  • Colby

it might help others to give you advice if you could detail the pain?

-is it muscles, joints?
-is it a constant nagging pain, or does it only occur when exercising that area?

if the pain happens in certain lifts (thinking deadlifts/shoulder press here), maybe you should double check your form?

if its just general exercise it could be a postural problem, or a weak core?

Seems to be more of a joint, spinal thing rather than an erector problem.
Definitely the occasional acute pain - not a chronic aching.
In the few weeks between when I originally submitted this question and now, it seems to have “healed”, only bothering me at random.

I do appreciate the reply and willingness to help me solve an issue, though. Seriously, man, it means a lot.
I ended up just figuring out what hurt and avoided that for a few weeks. Now it seems to be okay, but I’m still being careful and meticulous when it comes to my form.

Anyway, thanks again.

  • Colby