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Luke Wood's Death

Hey all, not sure if you lot over in the US know of Luke Wood, an australian bodybuilder whos recently passed due to complications following kidney transplant (theyre saying rejection after he was sent home and bled out internally). Prior to the requiring the transplant surely AAS among fat burners / diuretics could have been the cause of poor kidney function? Do you think that adequate kidney/liver protection and blood work is enough to monitor and keep good function?

From the article:

"Mr Griffin said that the adequacy of the hospital’s treatment of Wood would be the main focus of the inquest.

However, he said that there was evidence Wood’s steroid use was also a contributing factor to his death by causing the heart condition cardiomyopathy."

Some AAS and fat burners can potentially cause cardiac remodelling.

HOWEVER, there are also other substantial factors related to the assisted(and unassisted) bodybuilding lifestyle such as:

  1. Obesity/excessive body mass

  2. Excessive exercise(!)

  3. Hormonal imbalances (thyroid function)

  4. High blood pressure

Didn’t know the man personally, had seen him at the gym i train at for the pro shows and he had a solid physique.

Key tip in keeping your kidneys functioning is to make sure if you are use PED’s to get the dosages correct as Luke i believe made the fatal mistake of incorrect dosages when he was being trained by a ex pro bodybuilder.

His death was a waste and realy felt for his family and girlfriend.

Someone else posted this a few months ago. He died in 2011…

Kidney function sounds like diuretics to me.