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Luke Wood


... bites the dust.


Maybe it was genetic.


The proximate cause of death seems to have been hypovolemic shock 2ndry to acute intra-abdominal bleed in a s/p renal transplant pt. (It didn't help that he suffered from cardiomyopathy as well.)

The question that arises, of course, is how a 35 y.o. man came to have end-stage renal disease and cardiomyopathy.


^ don't mean to speak ill of the deceased but it could have had something to do with the copious amounts of 'gear' he was on.. he was massive and clearly pushing the envelope, so to speak.


Tell me more. Never thought about that angle.


This guy died on August 31, 2011


Yeah but the ISRDPPB (Internet Society of RDs against Palumboist Pro Bodybuilders) only found out recently.

Hey btw did you hear that Steeve Reeves passed away? I think it must have been the roidz!!!!




I heard that steroids make your dick really small


Did you hear about that one PPBB (Palumboist Pro BBer) called Kai or something? You didn't hear it from me but I heard he fucked a papaya or something like that


weird thread, weird article.


no way! Jesus, do you think he was on steroids?


Rubbish! He's a PPBB because of the muscle shortening effect from overtraining. Fucking fruit can exacerbate the condition because fructose induces severe skin collagen abnormalities when absorbed through the penis glans.