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Luke Sauder's calf routine

Hi guys. I need explanation for Luke Sauder’s calf routine as described in one
of T-Mag Poliquin’s columns. I do not understand day two. What does 3x10-10-10
mean? He said it is a tripple drop set, tempo 121, 90 sec between sets. I know
that it takes 1 second to bring the weights up and to lower them with 2
seconds rest inbetween, but what does tripple drop set mean? I guess this is
not just simple 9x10… it is quite unclear written if you ask me… Thanx.

I’m not positive, but I think that he means that on the second and third sets of the triple drop set, you complete ten reps. I think he highlights this because normally, you do fewer reps in each successive set (as in the A1 seated calf drop set in that same program). You perform ten with your highest weight, drop it down and do ten more, and then drop it down again for ten more. Looks like a good program-I’m going to be trying it soon myself. Let us know how it goes for you. Good luck.

When I did this routine (and it works, people comented on my calfs) I took it to mean:

Set 1:
10@heavy weight (drop weight) no rest 10@new lower weight (drop weight) no rest 10@new lower weight
Set 2, 3:
Repeat above w/ I believe 90 seconds between tri-sets.

Hope this helps