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Luke Sauder calf routine

I started this, well attempted anyway, last night. I found it to be hella painful. I was not even using any wieght when I got to standing calf raises. I have a question. On the first part of the work out is says Standing Calf Raises
10 x 10-30 at a 111 tempo, ten seconds**

**In other words, you’ll be doing one, long, extended set, resting ten seconds between each mini-set and lowering the weight in between.

Does this mean I am suppose to hold in the up position for 10 seconds??? I am confused. Am I suppose to stay on that damn machine and get between 100 and 300 reps without any rest?
I would like to here from someone that has done this routine. Thanks

set 1=you do 10 reps. rest 10 seconds. set 2=do 10 more reps. rest 10 seconds. set 3= do 10 more. do 10 total sets. when he says “lower the weight” he means take some plates off. decrease the load might be a better phrase. for example, start with 100 lbs, do 10, rest 10 secs, decrease the load to 90 lbs, do 10 more, etc. hope that helps. this workout is a killer. good luck

Thanks karl, I thought I was going to die when I tried to hold the damn weight up for 10 sec. between 10 sets. Thanks for clearing that up.