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Luke Sandoe RIP

I was just really getting into following his training and all. Supposedly suicide. 30 YO…

In podcasts he always seemed pretty upbeat and all.

This is crazy, I listen to his and Fouads podcast all the time.


Holy Fuck!!! Too young.

Very sad. Hard to imagine what would drive such a talented bodybuilder, with so much potential do something so drastic, if cause of death is suicide.
RIP Luke.

Hard to imagine, and not worth speculating about, but whatever it was, with a son and a daughter, it wasn’t worth it. RIP.


Ugh, found out this morning from Steve Kuclo via Twitter, then confirmed on Dave Palumbo’s YT show. Heard positive things from both guys about him. Wow, thirty is SO young …

Tragic. :confused:

Always horrible to hear about something like this. I heard from someone close to him that he had struggled with depression for a while. :frowning:



When it rains it pours. Damn. FYI.

Just catching this here and on Reddit. I. Can’t. Even.

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Just as a heads up, I put the majority of stuff about Meadows in the thread solely about Meadows. Felt bad seeing Sandoe’s thread get focused off of him, and it fortunately looks like John’s on a bit of an upswing.

Sandoe seemed like a smart and really personable guy. In hindsight, it’s upsetting to hear him talk about the mental health effects social media can have (around the 10:35 mark).