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Luke Lowrey


So on this guy's mailing list and of no one has ever heard of him he claims to be the greatest trainer ever, especially in regards to vertical leap training

i don't trust his credibility myself as he has said for the last 5yrs that he's selling his methods to the German's or someone and this is "the las chance it will be available" even...that's a drawn out sale process

so i got an email today which contained the following:

How you can have a 40-inch
vertical in 12 WORKOUTS...

... possibly less!

Every now and then, something
comes along that changes the way we
do things.

This is one of them.

I almost feel embarrassed to share
this, because - at least to me - it
is rather obvious.

But also because it takes away a
lot of the "smoke and mirrors"
surrounding the training world.

You know, a lot of people who make
their living pretending to be "big
time trainers" (for exmaple, the
T-Nation guys) would like to have
you believe it's all some secret

In their minds, if it ISN'T, they
are obselete.

Out of a job.

No money.


So, in that light, you can kinda
see their motivation, right?


What I'm about to share blows all
that right out of the water.

Let it sink in:

40 inch vertical jump.

12 WORKOUTS - not 12 weeks."

I believe he's calling you out CT!!

Not to worry though this is a bloke who claims to have had a 40" vert even though he played 1 season (not sure on that one) in the Austalian Basketball League (the shittest of the shittest) and i don't ever remember him at all, not even in a dunk contest

he's also pushing some adenotrex pill which i did bet in the past (why?) which was a total dud...i actually found 2 unopened bottle when i moved in nov from 2008 or soemthing


Well since I train clients 8-10 hours per day I wouldn't exactly say that I'm out of a job or obsolete, so I really don't feel targeted by this email. If his methods work, great!


Lol this is funny. I can't believe I just now found this.


This guy's a scam artist. Just google his name along with the word scam. Don't be stupid and buy into his bullshit.