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Luke Cage?


Tyrese can bench 415lbs?

Those who don't follow the any of these characters probably won't know who this is. However, as far as black characters go in the Marvel universe, the ones who stand out are Blade, The Black Panther, and Luke Cage. Apparently, Luke Cage is next up for movie status and is currently in pre production. Is this the first time an actor may look the part aside from Wesley Snipes?

From sneakpeaktv.com:

Out doing "Annapolis" promotions, Tyrese Gibson confirmed he's still very keen to play his hero "Luke Cage" according to MTV News.

"I'm probably going to be benching about 415 pounds once I get into that mode. They're just saying that 'Luke Cage was a real big and muscular guy, and we want to make sure that you appear to be that. They have me in mind, along with a few other people. Do I have a better chance at getting it? Probably" says Gibson.

Cage's character possesses superhuman strength and resistance to injury, the result of scientific experiments he underwent while in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Something of a cross between Shaft and a member of the Black Panther party, Cage is a "hero for hire" who's been known to invoke the catchphrase "Sweet Christmas!". "The idea of [Cage] being the first-ever black comic-book hero was a lot, as far as a statement. Those are big shoes to fill, man, and I've got to do it and do it right" says Gibson.

In order to show Marvel that it'd be making the right decision, the star recently began a strict workout regimen that will hopefully render him superheroic - "I just have to get in shape for it; that's the only thing. They want me to be really massive, and big, and it's going to require a whole other level". Marvel CEO Avi Arad has stated that he expects the film to be brutal enough to earn an R rating, and that longtime nemesis Diamondback will be the film's villain.


This is hilarious.

You flame me for suggesting that casting Brad Pitt as Achilles was not as ludicrous as a lot of people on this board seem to make it, because you guys have some conception of Achilles as some Herculean physique possessing superhero - though nothing in the existing literature about Achilles suggests that.

Then you state that skinny Tyrese, a black Brad Pitt, Abercrombie looking pretty boy if there ever was one, is a great casting pick for Luke Cage? Are you kidding me?

If there is anyone out there who could be Luke Cage it should be Monte Brown from TNA wrestling - too bad he can't act.


this is what Luke Cage should look like: pro wrestler Monty Brown


It would be great to see superheroes that actually look like the superheroes we grew up reading about in comics.


What exactly is your issue? Not only did I put a HUGE question mark in the title of this thread, but I pointed out that he is BULKING UP for the role and put emphasis on his claim that he will be benching 415lbs just to get ready for it. Obviously there is a HUGE difference between that and Brad Pitt. Are you done being a jackass or is there more to come?


"I'm probably going to be benching about 415 pounds once I get into that mode." Many people say they are going to bench 415 or say they can but usually I just see their spotter doing a lot of the work. IMO this statement was not needed. Tyrese is jacked by Hollywood standards and it would be refreshing to see someone like him playing a superhero. I'm tired of seeing skinny little guys run around a screen playing some of the greatest warriors of all time. Brad Pitt playing Achilles COME on!


Hmm, I read it a couple times. I don't see anyone making claims at all. Quit making shit up.


Two things: Luke Cage wasn't the first Black superhero. Black Panther was. (1968)

And, I read the script for this flick a couple of years ago. If they haven't changed it too much, they have a god movie on their hands.

I have faith in Singleton. He's a long time geek; I used to see him in the Golden Apple buying his comics whe I lived in LA.


Monty was a trainer at my last gym and he was f-ing jacked and a real cool guy.



They are trying to give it an R rating which I think is great. They need to quit making this shit as if only G-rated movie goers will be watching it.


Also, I think they are putting focus on the fact that he was the first to actually have his own comic. Though Black Panther was on the scene first, he was basically just an extra character until Stan Lee took it to a new level. I have to respect Stan for that...then again, I guess I have to respect him for a lot of things.


My issue is that I'm calling out your double standard. Physically, there isn't that much difference between Tyrese and Brad Pitt, 10 lbs. of muscle, tops. You quote that other than Wesley Snipes, this might be a case where they got the casting right. Then you invite people who are familiar with the comic to comment. I am merely pointing out your inconsistency and disagreeing with you.

"Bulking up?" What the hell does that mean? - do you think he's going to put on 80 lbs. of mass - to even come close to what Luke Cage should look like? I mean Tyrese can't weigh more than 180 lbs. soaking wet, and he's talking shit about how he's going to bench 415? I call absolute bullshit.

If you want to cast a legit actor to be Luke Cage, use the guy who plays the father on "Everybody hates Chris"

Is this your default defense mechanism hurling insults and questioning people's intelligence (calling me a "jackass") when they don't agree with you? Brilliant, "professor".



Please shut the fuck up.

And I quote:

"Is this the first time an actor may look the part aside from Wesley Snipes?"




brad pitt: huge difference? don't think so. Like I said, 10 lbs. tops.


Absolutly! That's what made Blade I & II so good. Blade III became the typical " add some comic relief so everyone from 10 to 100 will like it" Bullshit. if i remember right I & II were rated R and III was not.


and finally: an Abercrombie boy. Not much difference between the 3.


Holy shit, does someone always have to start up with this guy! yet another thread that's going to get highjacked into a X vs. someguy over something stupid! How bout we just stick to the original post for once?


What double standard, doofus? Why do you think the question mark is in the title? Why do you think I questioned whether he can bench 415lbs? Even Singleton seems to be waiting to see if Tyrese can deliver on the image before he gets casted. The talk is that Tyrese wants the part real bad and is willing to add the muscle until he gets it. If he can add the weight and look more the part, I will be the first to cheer him on for it.

I seriously doubt that even Singleton would cast someone for this who doesn't look like he would fit because Singleton doesn't do typical "Hollywood" movies. His stuff has always been of a deeper level. If Christian Bale can go through drastic physique changes, why do you think Tyrese can't?

There is no double standard here, you retarded jackass. No one is claiming that Tyrese looked the part before. The entire focus is on whether he CAN look the part. Grow the fuck up.


A question is a claim? What college did you attend?