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Ludwig's Training Log

New training log will be starting soon! Just graduated college so trying to get back in the swing of things!

Here is Day 1. Slowly getting these up. Should be caught up by the end of the week.

Day 1

WM: Foam roll, General warm up

A-1 OH press- 1 x 5 @40%
1 x 5 @50%
1 x 3 @60%
1 x 5 @65%
1 x 5 @75%
1 x 5+ @85%

A-2 Ply push-ups- 5 x 5

B-1 OH press- 5 x 10 @50%
B-2 Chin-ups (Mixed grips) 5 x 12-15

C-1 Push-ups- 5 x 15

C-2 T-bar rows- 5 x 12-15

Lying EZ-bar extensions- 5 x 12-15

Conditioning- Treadmill, 10 mins no incline 4.0 mph

Foam roll afterwards with static stretching.

First day back at it! Finally. Had to take about a month off of training because I was getting too busy with school. Starting pretty light. About 85% of my True max. Today was lots of volume, but the weights were pretty light, Trying to see where my conditioning level is. (Not that great). Need to get my GPP back up!