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Anyone know if this kid is legit. He is on every youtube lifting page were people are lifting heavy. I first saw this guy hating on Toby cook. You know the 405 bench press at 190 and 16 years old. There I saw Ludicris8531 in every page of the comment hating on how he has a blast shirt. When toby first hit 365 at 15 ludi was saying he would never hit 405 but then toby did. Then I see him in another guy lifting. I think so far I have seen this kid in like 6 lifting videos and each video is unrelated. Anyone that noticed this?


why would you worry about what somebody has been saying through youtube comments?


cause its funny as hell. I mean I do not even follow the guy but everytime I see a video on youtube he is there with a bunch of comments. I like I know him.


Wow as soon as i invent a machine to stab people in the face over the internet ill be rich, the dude sounds like a complete douche.
I've seen this guy around and i've noticed the videos he's in, i wondered to myself had anybody else seen this Maybe it's just a youtube rivalry between 2 completely unrelated kids.
"hey i benched 400 yesterday!"
"well i benched 400 with just one hand and a wooden leg!"


The odd thing is that he has videos. If it is him or not he still a douche. If he would be in T nation I would be sure that he would argue with everyone on this forum about everything(form,weight,I do more,you name it). He would also have like 1000 posts in one day. My pet peeve is when geeks like him go around places and brag about how much they bench and how much they know about lifting. He was just lucky and had genatics to get that strong and has no other life but working out. Thats the only respect he gets from his "freinds".