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Lucky To Be American


I recently had occasion (June) to go to Canada, where my son was rowing in the Canadian Nationals. Felt very odd leaving, like a force was pulling at me. When we returned at the border crossing, I was damn near weeping for joy. It was odd.

It was then that I realized how deeply I love this madhouse country. Been thinking about it once in a while and about what it really means to be American.

Like at the end of 'Saving Private Ryan' where the Tom Hanks character says: "Earn this.", I think we all have an obligation to do exactly that -- earn this country.

Earn it.

I know I will.


Great post, HH.

I agree.



I agree HH, that we should be grateful for living in a society that allows us to live in comfort and relative safety.

That we have fresh water out of the tap. Housing, electricity, a fridge and a stove. A soft bed and central heating for when it's cold.

Billions of people lack these things we take for granted, and what have we done to deserve these luxuries?

We were lucky to be born in a country that's rich and progressive.

That's all.

And that makes us the fortunate ones.

Whether you live in Canada, the USA, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan or Korea.

Just stupid luck.


I don't necessarily feel that way about the US as a whole but I do feel that way whenever I leave town for an extended period of time. I was just recently in AZ for a week and that was like being in a foreign country. Was so glad to come home to civilization where a fellow can get a decent pint of ale -- even if the Vikings suck it.


I would say progressivism actually makes people less rich. But yes, we are definitely lucky to live places where the overlords let us alone and give us a minimal hassle while we are in "pursuit of happiness".

I would prefer even less hassle if I could have my way.


I mean "progressive" in the sense that our society evolved beyond outdated notions like childlabor, women not being able to vote, abortion and more recently, same sex marriages.


Yes, exactly. Progressive in the sense that government is the end-all, be-all of human existence.


So your parents/ancestors traveling to move you to a better country is stupid luck. Your predecessors doing what they can to pass on freedom and liberty is stupid luck.


Well, you could have only been born to one set of parents, or not all. So, not really luck as far as place of birth goes.


Whatever dude.


Yes, if you're the one benefitting from other peoples hard work then it's stupid luck.


Or progressivism!