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A few co-workers and I went to this Drag Queen theme resturant. I didn’t pick it but one of the girl’s did. I went with two other guys and 5 other female. It was a going away praty for one of our co-workers who’s been with PlusOne for 5 years. So I had too go.

Let, me tell you something the resturant was fill with Hot looking women (patrons). 2 groups were Bachelorette parties, and there was a birthday.

So, you know the theme its Drag so the waitress are guys dressed up as women. There were busboys also.

Here’s what I am venting on

Serivice: absolutly sucked ass! They were all pushy and too in your face almost had to hit a guy dressed up as girl in the face.

Entertiment: was kind of funny seeing hot looking chicks(patrons) sucking on a banana. She/he singing.

Food: was so so

Price: Ridiculously High overpriced for Chinese food and drinks. $545 including drinks for 8 people.

So the moral is don’t let your friends pick the resturant.

In Health,

Silas C.

My other questions is what’s up ladies why are you so intreasted in men dressing up as women? What’s the fasination with that? I don’t get it. I sure as don’t want women dressing up as men. I would not go to a place like that.

(Note, this is not meant to be an offensive or insensitive or homophobic post.)

Have you ever heard of a “fag hag” ?


morg rules!


You know what’s gayer than gay flags and Drag Queens? Multiple gay threads!


Please give my best to John Basserio at your company.

Lucky Chengs has always been a crappy service resturant but a NY theme hog anyway.