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Lucked Out Today in Court

2 years ago I beat the shit out of somebody and got charged with assault.When I got arrested I had about 2 grams of pot on me,I went to court the next day and the judge ordered me to under go anger management and have a drug n alcohol eval.I was on disability at the time and couldn’t afford both of them so he let me do the anger management first.I’d have to go to court every month for reveiws to see if I was in compliance,well after 2 years I got it done(it was only a 1 year program).I went to court today and my report was I graduated with flying colors.the judge told me good job,case closed,pay your fines,and stay out of trouble.

The thing is I was supposed to start drug n alcohol now.I was last in line and he was under so much stress and wanted to get out of there he forgot I still had the d/a to complete.He said good job and I said PEACE!.I was out of that court room so fast almost doing a backflip on the way out.

When i had the eval 6 months ago they told me I needed a two year program,3 times a week for the first year.The total bill would cost me about 5 gs and alot of time I don’t have.Nobody has to reply to this,I’m just so stoked I had to tell someone.I’ve been blazin the wheaties all the way through anger management and I thought I would have to stop now that I was starting outpatient.The judges mistake has saved me thousands,not to mention the time,and my precious wheaties.I got into a huge fight with the cunt doing the eval b/c its all about $$$ and not the person.they just want their revenue to go up when they evaluate someone,She said I was an addict and there was no way around it,I was in denial if i said otherwise.I really want to go back there and rub my shit right in that bitches face but I realize its better to let it be.I came home and just smoke the fattest blunt on that judge and treatment facility.

Sorry for babbling I’m just so happy right now,I get a huge settlement in a month and a half and some treatment center is the last place I want to be spending my time.I got so lucky today,I might send that judge a christmas card now.

peace up a-town

It just gets better and better with you, doesn’t it?

LOL Please tell me this is a joke.


Congratulations on your victory bro! Down with the man and his anger management. That shit don’t work anyway right man? Good luck on any future endeavors (events) you may happen to be stuck in.


When you assaulted the guy, did you rag doll him? And were you roid raging at 150 pounds?



If you ever do get off it you’ll realize that you really were in denial. You don’t understand that when your still addicted to it and have no intention of quitting. If you really weren’t addicted you wouldn’t need the feeling of that buzz. Maybe you should count your blessings and get on without the drugs. You will be happy with your choice. Please believe me.

im so happy for you! if i met you in person i’d give you a Texas Chili Bowl!

[quote]wufwugy wrote:
im so happy for you! if i met you in person i’d give you a Texas Chili Bowl![/quote]

“We’re not sure what it is, but it involves a telephone, some barbecue sauce, and the anus…”

Just so everyone has an idea what we’re dealing with here:

[quote]mls jr. wrote:
i’m 5’8 155 at 23,and i can outlift alot of people who are bigger than me and all actuality i’m a hella of alot faster.

[quote]mls jr. wrote:
are u taking just dianabol?i’m curious cause my freinds bringing a thousand dianabol tabs back from the midwest with him and he wants me to break out another cycle with him.i have no expierence with dianabol and if it is just d-bol i would really like to know how it works for you.i’m kind of scared to take an oral with all of the liver complications.plus i’m kind of partial to stabing myself.does anyone think its a waste not to stack the d-bol with some test?its really hard to come buy for me,but i’ll wait if its worth it

Oaktown Up
A-Clowns Down

I’ve been waiting years for this day.I’m off probation and I can move anywhere I want.I’ll be going to vegas shortly,I’m legend when it comes to texas holde em.I’m going there to officially become a pro now.When you see me on T.V. I’ll be wearing the hat Marklonniejr.com. during the world series.This will most likely be my last post,Ill read but I’ll be gone shortly.I joined here b/c I didn’t know anything about juice.Now I know tons,enough were I’ll be fine.Hold em is the one thing I’d give up working out for,nothing else even comes close.Ive been training my whole career to win the world series.My grams had me going on it since i was a kid.I’ll sport a T-Nation shirt when I’m at the final table,Just for the nation.Sound good,REMEMBER the hat backwards with Marklonniejr.com on it,its in July.I appreciate all your guys info,I’ll use it wisely.If I buy a computer there or have can use one I’ll let ya know how its going.

A veritable intellectual and physical giant.

Can you believe this guy? What a tard.

LOL, Mark, you are THE MAN. What happened to the planned ultimate fighting career? If the poker plan fails you could always get your own reality TV show…

I didn’t know you needed roids for poker.

Can you get kicked out for using performance enhancing drugs?

“I had roid rage, until I got some Preparation H.”

It’s people like this tard that tarnish the industry.

How can ANYONE be so stupid?

You are a hero. I bet any day now little kids will start asking for your autograph~

Anger management? Wow you must have really thumped him. Or maybe it’s just different over there to here (Aus).


Feel free to interpret as needed.

There are so many red flags in this post I can’t even keep track.
Holy Shit man, get some help.