Lucid Dreams and Mental Heath Stuff

Alright, all you crazy fuckers, leftists and Jimmy Fallon fans get in here!

No, seriously, I’ve decided to create a new thread since @pat, @unreal24278 and I were going completely off topic in another thread. I’ll be continuing an exchange I’ve been having with @pat but please don’t hesitate to add to the conversation or post your own experiences on these issues.

This was the original thread:

No shit. I think I posted here about one I had several months back in another thread where I “woke up” 3-4 times (can’t remember) and bad shit happened that was weird enough for me to know I was dreaming each time. I was still in bed when I realized I was still dreaming until the 4th or 5th time when I was convinced I had really woken up, went downstairs and found my electric guitar (Washburn N4) was broken but then I realized I was STILL dreaming because I had changed the lower pickups to Evolution ones which have a distinctive yellow color that everyone said made the guitar look awful because the body is some kind woodgrain color with an incompatible hue and FINALLY woke up. Maybe some fucking Inception shit was going on lol.

There are times when I realize I’m dreaming and spend time contemplating whether I should wake myself up or do the “spinning” thing I read about that changes the dream and makes you unaware that you’re dreaming again, which works around 50% of the time, or wake myself up and end up with sleep paralysis, which happens 50% of the time and I’d have to REALLY relax my mind to go back to sleep in a non-lucid state which happens about 10% of the time LMAO,

This doesn’t happen often, though. Normally only when I have a lot of mental and physical stress due to work although I don’t sleep much naturally in the first place. During periods like these, the main triggers are stuff like doing too much work that requires a lot of mental effort or physical stuff with lots of CNS straining going on like heavy squatting too close to my normal bedtime. It’s why I do not workout at least 6 hours before I sleep and I’d rather skip a heavy back or leg day if I can’t make it to the gym in time.

Sometimes it’s because I drink a lot of alcohol and become sober before going to sleep. Others are when I try to sleep at my normal bedtime after I’ve been sleep deprived for a few days doing stuff several hours after my bedtime. I estimate these will trigger it around 20% of the time.

When this shit happens, it becomes a choice on whether to spend most of my sleep drifting back and forth between full or semi-lucidity wake up feeling really tired by using the first option OR not being able to fall asleep again for at least an hour for the 2nd option if either one fails.

What’s interesting is that I first got sleep paralysis in the bootcamp lol. It was scary as hell WHILE it happened because although I’ve never “seen” anything odd till today, I HEAR weird stuff and get a feeling like someone is choking me or sitting on my chest, I remember I tried to sleep, fell into a dream state and went lucid for a while which immediately caused me to wake up and I realized I couldn’t move. I started HEARING weird stuff like bells ringing that got louder and louder and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest.

But I just brushed it off when I woke up because I don’t believe in supernatural stuff.

It’s funny how the mind can fuck with even people without mental illnesses. I have been one out of several recruits who experienced mass hallucinations when we were trekking through the jungle at night. Because only the person right at the front was allowed to use a torchlight and we were told to walk only in single file for reasons I can’t remember because this was over 2 decades ago, half of us could only see shit around us because of the moonlight.

We were in an area where a massive bloodbath happened during WW2 when the Japanese attacked. The trees and plants and stuff started looking like silhouettes of Japanese soldiers with bayonets and shit just standing there until you got close enough to recognize it was a fucking tree branch or something.

Local folklore that everyone of us knew and were warned from young was that if you see or smell anything supernatural, DO NOT TELL ANYONE until you’re in a safe place or the supernatural entity will either attack or attach itself to you so no one said anything while we were walking.

I was bloody fascinated by how clearly and detailed I could see these shapes and how it works like when you look at clouds when I saw them because, again, I do not believe in the supernatural.

If anything really exists, I would have fucking encountered it already since there was an even bigger bloodbath in the place where I previously lived and you probably couldn’t walk out of your home without stepping on ANY part of the ground where someone had been killed during WW2 and I visited every single allegedly fucking haunted place which even the NEWS reported about there from unused hospitals to cemeteries and saw and felt NOTHING although every one else whom I was with SWORE they did but unlike what happened in the jungle, nothing they “saw” or “heard” was the same.

When we reached base camp, all the guys finally started asking if anyone else had seen ghosts of Japanese soldiers no one wanted to even entertain the suggestion that was a simple case of fatigue since we had been walking for around 12 hours in full battle order which weighs around 30lbs which resulted in mass hallucinations since this area was famous for the aforementioned bloodbath.

Some fuckers even decided to burn offerings to “thank” the “Japanese spirits” for letting use pass unharmed which started a stupid argument since the people the Japanese had slaughtered were locals who volunteered to fight because the Brits didn’t have enough troops at the time.

The brain works in funny ways lol.

And, hypothetically, I only started getting shit like more often because of, from what 1 endo and 1 GP friend hypothetically told me, was probably because of my hypothetical use of deca since I didn’t experience any episodes of any of these - lucid/ semi-lucid dreams, Restless Leg Syndrome, sleep paralysis etc - for years after that experience in the military and only started when I hypothetically used deca. The hypothetical endo I visited only because I was having serious bout of RLS said hypothetically I was dopamine deficient among other things that I can’t hypothetically remember due to the hypothetical use of deca since I was upfront about my hypothetical use of roids and he was a private practitioner and at that time there was no central database set up by the government for patient records. Apparently he had some knowledge of common roids because lots of steroid users were his patients over the years and he told me this could be a long term to life-long issue since deca does some kind of “rewiring” of the brain for SOME people. He was right.

My hypothetical GP friend is also my frequent workout partner who’s pretty educated on roids. He hypothetically concurs.

If I start getting RLS in which sleep paralysis will inevitably follow, I start taking L-dopa for around a month while using a sleep aid but I don’t get RLS anymore, For the sleep issues with or without RLS, I use a 15mg of mirtazapine off label.

I went into detail for this post because it may be useful for people on roids who experience this shit and I do not visit the roid forum anymore. But please see an endo first.

Holy shit, I’ve only been able to get to three levels

This inception thing happens to me about once a week. I don’t have restless leg syndrome or take rounds though
Hormone levels are also normal


I’m jealous of all y’all’s cool dreams. I always fight for my life or die a shitty death in my dreams.


Yeah. My one recurring dream that I had for years was that I would get pulled in to the chipper and chopped to tiny pieces but not die.

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Most of my dreams are not cool. They are hyper realistic exaggerations of real life

The ones where I eat stuff are pretty nice though.

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I have had reoccurring dreams where my penis falls off. Not life threatening, but I am more relieved waking up after that, than the dreams where I almost die or something.


Yea you got me beat with that one :sweat_smile:


I tend to have really good dreams. Very vivid. I love when I lucid dream because it’s so freeing. The only really bad dreams I have are about being a kid and my parents are still married. My dad was really abusive.

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Yup, I have had that dream, where I ‘woke up’ inside the dream realized that I was dreaming and ‘woke up’ again, in the dream which was super lucid. Again, indistinguishable from reality. And when I finally actually woke up, I was paralyzed as I was looking around, again, to make sure I was actually awake. The main difference for me, between ‘waking up’ inside a super lucid dream and actually waking up, is the physical feeling of just waking up. There is no mistaking the feeling of rising from the crypt, feeling like shit. If I feel like shit, physically, that’s the marker of actually being awake. Unless I am dreaming right now, who the hell knows. It seems like a nightmare, the current state of the world, and I would be more than happy to wake up from it. But unfortunately, I think things just suck right now. The lunatics are running the asylum.

But yeah, I totally get it. Like I told you the other day, I woke myself up sitting bolt upright in bed, screaming a litany of foul language, the echo in the room was what woke me up. That was last week. Other times, I have woken up falling off the end of the bed with the bed totally stripped of its coverings. Another time, I was apparently choking someone in the dream and I woke up strangling my comforter that I completely ripped from under the bed. I don’t have good dreams. I never have good dreams, they are all nightmares. I either don’t remember my dreams or I have bad dreams. I wish I could have good happy dreams, but I don’t, ever. I usually go to bed hoping not to dream… That’s enough about me though.
That story about the forest with the Japanese soldiers is creepy. I don’t know if there is something to it or not. If it is just the mind playing tricks. I am not going to pretend I know.
Some people can experience reality in a totally different way than others. Perhaps, they are more in tuned with their senses, or perhaps less in tune with their senses and hence the brain makes up the gap.
The lucidity of these dreams has had me questioning reality. I know it’s an old trope, but it’s always a valid question, is what we believe to be real, actually real? It’s certainly worth asking the question.

We should jam, I play drums.

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That’s great. It’s AWFUL and PISSES YOU OFF BIGTIME lol. I stopped getting them after I completely stopped drinking but I’ve never bothered to ask anyone why.

I had a feeling you have had experiences of sleep paralysis before since these things usually go hand in hand if you’re EXTREMELY lucid in a dream from what you described in the post that prompted me to start this thread.

I consider waking up paralyzed these days - as opposed to trying to fall asleep and ending up paralysed which is shitty enough to make me use a sleep aid - to actually be a good thing for me since it usually happens around 2 hours before my normal waking time so the adrenaline alone from suddenly realizing that you can’t move is better than any amount of coffee or stimulants. I just get up early and get more work done. Deep sleep? REM? Overrated lol. (j/k)

I’m a complete skeptic when it comes to supernatural and woo woo shit for reasons I wrote above.

But let’s say what we saw was real. What would be the objective of these spirits? Welcome us like we were walking on a red carpet lol? No one claimed to have seen any of them standing in any ceremonial manner.

Hell, when I told people about the episode of sleep paralysis I had in my bunk, everyone up to the Warrant Officers freaked out and one explained to me that it was the spirit of an unborn fetus owned by a shaman who hired to “bless the place” and it refused to leave so several people have experienced it over the years.

I had a wild dream last night

I dream that was watching a movie about a Russian plot to screw up the financial system with blockchain or something, but at some point I stopped watching the movie and was in it.
The Russians started chasing the protagonists and i around . We got caught and brought tk a house where apparently they were also keeping a bunch of my friends from Econ research club and decided it would be fun to make the protagonists and I executed the other prisoners . The person I was told tk shoot tried to make an argument as to why it’s rational TO shoot him.
But before anything happened, someone knocked on the door and the house disappeared. I was back outside trying to hide from the Russians. I tripped on a tree root… then alarm went off

It felt so real… why watch action movies when you can live one :joy:

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I had this last night! Both happened. I was living in what appeared to be a trailer or poor house of some sort. Somebody I identified as a criminal/ scary person barges in to rob me. He goes strait for my guns and proceeds to steal one of them and disappears to load it. I knew I needed to grab the gun I could see and he didn’t, but I could not. He comes back later with a friend, both having guns. They appear to have come to kill me. They raise their weapons, still paralyzed, I couldn’t act. I just finally scream for them to kill me, just kill me if they have the balls. I goad them and call them names and they laugh and leave. Later, something like a cop or authority is there, basically tells me I am a pussy and too much of one to stay in this dwelling and that me and my wife, some lady I have never seen before, have to GTFO. I was in utter despair and the “wife” character, who also seems to hate my guts, is utterly unsympathetic and could careless. And I remember thinking in the dream, ‘This can’t be real, I must be dreaming.’ and looking around and finally conclude, nope ‘this is real’. That’s the gist of it, it was utterly real. And I couldn’t move to counter the treat, I was paralyzed and terrified, both because of the threat and that I could not move to counter it.

Before I went to sleep, I was laying in bed thinking, ‘God, please don’t let me have dreams.’ while thinking about this thread. Tough shit I guess. It was wild… It was lucid and indistinguishable from reality. But I wouldn’t qualify it as, super lucid. Some element was missing even though, I totally believed the dream was reality.
Hell, maybe it was…

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People who have never had it, cannot understand how awful it is. It’s like almost painful, but not quite. And it drives you insane. It sounds mild, but it’s a truly awful feeling.

Last night was the first time in a long time, I was affected by the paralysis. I had seem to over come it by actually moving my limbs. I have woken up punching tables, the head board, my ex (once). Somehow I over came the paralysis, by moving my limbs for real. But last night I was utterly paralyzed.
I used a sleep aid… Didn’t matter.
Just don’t use ambien, very much, if you ever use it. It’s awesome for short term, long term it seems to screw with you. Every once in a while it is fine.
I had to take it. I was under so much stress at the time, I had no shot of sleeping, at all ever.

Fair enough. It’s always safer to be a skeptic. And perhaps that experience was like a ‘mob psychopathy’ and due to the light coming from the one source. But if enough people, not related to each other, on different occasions, experience similar things, and have a bit of certainty behind it, I am not always going to discount that what they claimed to experience, didn’t happen. After all, its real when it happens to you and I have seen some strange shit in my life that no one can talk me out of.
One off’s can be dismissible unless their is sufficient evidence to believe, at least, something happened.
What I wouldn’t be doing is praying to the ghosts of my enemies who did so much harm as the Japs did to the Chinese during WW2. Too few people know of the horrors the Japanese did to the Chinese.

Who the hell knows? Maybe they are stuck between ‘dimensions’ or maybe it was just shadows. I don’t know what happens when we die, but we all get to find out. From a Christian point of view, I am hoping for a positive afterlife, based on the fact that I at least try to be a good person as much as I can. But if all we do is return to dirt, I am cool with that too.

I thought religion was barred in China?

That’s a strange thing to dream about… Russian block-chain invasion? Hey it’s your dream, who am I to say.

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Exactly. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s not painful and rather mild but it fucking drives you NUTS. Like when someone pranking you with static electricity but it lasts longer and it’s more intense. Started sleeping sideways and the feeling in the legs stopped but it “migrated” to that area of my glutes just below the lilac crest lol.

I just relax all muscles and it goes away very fast. If I wanted to attempt to go back to sleep, I’ll relax my mind but that only works around 10% of the time.

And relax, I’ve said many times I will never use any form of benzos. And I think one of the benzos I was prescribed before was Ambien now that you mentioned it. For people who haven’t read our previous exchanges, over a decade ago I got prescribed 2 types of benzos for 2 weeks because of jet lag and overall stress. One was something I’ve found out was lexotan, which was to be taken 2 hours before my bedtime. The other was a “new” type of benzo and I can’t remember what it was but after trying to google them I found out there were only 3. Lexotan did calm me down at the small dosage I was prescribed so I can see the potential for abuse.

The “new” benzo, which I now think is Ambien, did NOTHING for me other than make me fall asleep immediately. Then I met a chick who was addicted to it and apparently lots of other people too since she had a regular supplier just for the drug. I guess it’s like my inability to derive any pleasurable feelings from drinking alcohol.

Anyway, this was just a GP who prescribed the meds and when I came off them, I LITERALLY couldn’t sleep for an entire week other than nodding off for a couple of seconds several times a day.

I don’t live in China, dude. Said it lots of times already lol. My wife is from China and I had to travel there quite often because I have a couple of major clients there but over the years, around over a decade, some of us become close enough that some of them actually come to my country to discuss stuff we don’t want to do so online while having some fun at the same time and I didn’t have to travel as much because we could also communicate online as tech evolved.

I’ve not been there since COVID started. The wife did and went through 2 fucking weeks in quarantine in a government facility there and then 2 weeks of home quarantine when she returned plus around 5-6 PCR tests in all lol. Recently lots of these rules where I live have been abolished but they’re still the same in China.

But no, religion is NOT banned in China. There are Christian schools and even Muslim ones that are allowed to be run autonomously like by Imams or whatever they’re called I can’t remember. But like some other Asian countries, the “leaders” of these religions and churches/temples/mosques must abide by certain rules the government sets.

The Uyghur issue involves lots of political shit that isn’t just limited to religion or culture which is kept so hush even internally. I don’t understand what’s going on given the fact that even people we hypothetically know who get hypothetically get inside knowledge of lots of shit like potential policy changes weeks before they happen don’t even know anything about it,

What they were cracking down on were those funny spinoffs that operate like evangelical churches. There were lots of them springing up and even held sessions at people’s homes. Where I live, the evangelical churches make a fuckton of money.

I could get addicted to Ambien. I take it maybe once a month when my mind is racing and I just can’t fall asleep. I used to take it every night and I would try to fight it off. Those last 10 to 15 minutes before you finally pass out are magic.

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It’s funny how different people can react to different drugs. All I remember is I got such a horrible “metallic” taste on my tongue after putting the drug in my mouth that wouldn’t go away after several rinses, I started filing my mouth full of water before putting it in and swallowing it lol.

I would like to know what causes it. I think it’s neurological but it may not be. Either way, bezos knock it out for me. I just don’t feel the need to fight it ‘naturally’.

That’s never worked for me. Granted I haven’t had it in a while. And while I am thinking about it. For the first time in a long time I had a dream last night that wasn’t a nightmare. It wasn’t a horrible, terrorizing, miserable dream.

Ambien is a useful drug taken in moderation. It can fuck you up in long term use. Not that I am accusing you, just saying. But that’s what it’s supposed to do is make you sleep.

You really need to learn the nuance of tapering, grasshopper.

Yes, my bad. However, the religions must be state approved and run the state narrative, which defeats the purpose. Actually, for all intents and purposes, religion is banned. Because religion has no freedom. So they have ‘paper churches’. Informing them from the ‘little red book’ as gospel.

Oh I figured there is a reason that group is being singled out.

Ah, the communist block… Everybody knows everything, but nobody is allowed to talk about it. Sounds normal.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. But it’s not worth the addiction. Pretty soon, you can stay awake through it, which sort of defeats the purpose. However, it still wipes your brain of all information and activity even if you stay awake. That’s handy on it’s own.

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