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Lucid Dreaming

Has anyone here had a lucid dream, or been able to induce one? I’ve become very interested in these as of late, and I’m working hard at inducing one. Its tough work, and I’m not having any success yet, but when I do, I’m going to do some crazy shit.

I have them on a regular basis. I just usually somehow manage to realize that “shit, this is just a dream”, and do whatever I want. Haven’t had them for a couple of weeks though.

Flying for example is great fun! Couple of times I even had a plan to measure my flying speed (which I planned in the dream): I was supposed to fly from our house to some other static spot and I’d take time how long it would take. Then when awake I’d figure out the distance and calculate my flying speed. But it crashed because I tried to fly too far away, and my dream changed and I ended up to some weird places. Also sometimes when flying and going down at high speed it somehow twistes my stomach and it feels pretty weird.

The best part in lucid dreams is that the ladies are always ready for sex on the spot. But that’s another story…

Damn, hearing that makes me really want to have one. I have so much shit I want to do.

ZMA works very well for this.

Here’s a thread from last year on the topic:


What you should avoid doing is WORKING HARD towards it because it only prevents you from having the necessary relaxation to experience what you’re looking for

[quote]gdm wrote:
ZMA works very well for this. [/quote]

intresting, I’ve used ZMA only once, I’m addicted to ambien however :wink:

to the OP try not to question it

Good Program

I know that nicotine gives extremely vivid dreams.

When I was wearing the patch during sleep, the dreams were very intense. I would have bet my life they were real.

[quote]Imen de Naars wrote:
What you should avoid doing is WORKING HARD towards it because it only prevents you from having the necessary relaxation to experience what you’re looking for[/quote]

No, I mean I am working hard with the exercises during the day, such as reality checking and dream logging. I’m not trying hard to actually induce a lucid dream; I know how to relax.

Ya, the best things to do are reality checking and dream logging, you got to give your subconscious a reason to remember them more vividly. I have been trying to have lucid dreams for the last 6 months, so far I have had about 2 or 3.

The ones I had were amazing, flying and sex are probably my favorite things to do… for me it’s just mind boggling to think that I can have an alternate reality were I can do whatever I want without consequence, I really want to get good at this because the few times it has worked it was indescribable. When I think back to it I still can get that feeling in my gut like I’m flying- its something everyone should experience.

http://ld4all.com/ - check out that site and read the thread from last year on this site, it had some good tips.

I don’t know what technique you are trying to use but the only way I can do it is to set my alarm for 6, wake up, re-set for 730 and go back to bed. For some reason if I just sleep right through to 730 then I can’t remember much. My best dreams are on the weekend were I wake up a 8 but lay in bed till 10 or so in a “light sleep” state were I’m falling in and out of sleep, this seems to work really well. The other thing that I find helps is that the idea has to be fresh in your mind - before bed make sure you read some lucid dreaming sites for a while and fill your head with the stuff.

I would like to here some other peoples
experiences, tips ect…

Good luck!

I’ve always had lucid or semi-lucid dreams, as far back as I can remember. Also, regular non-lucid dreams too.

AFAICT, if I do more “material” things (eat more, exercise more, have more sex, etc.) then the frequency and quality of the lucid dreams decrease. If I do more “spiritual” things (eat less, don’t do much physical exercise, have sex less often) then the lucid dreams increase in frequency and quality.
But that’s is just an observation that’s been made ages ago by anyone trying to mess with the way the consciousness works (yoga, meditation, all that stuff), I’m definitely not the only or the first one to notice that.

OTOH, a very strong will can overcome such distinctions and if you really want it, you can have lucid dreams even while you’re bulking up and training for a new personal record at the bench press.

[quote]tmay11 wrote:
in a “light sleep” state were I’m falling in and out of sleep, this seems to work really well.[/quote]

Yup, that’s pretty much the front row seat to lucid dreaming.

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2 tylenol pms and some ZMA work for me!

Haven’t had one for a long time but i used to have them a lot. They are usually erotic ones too. Pretty good stuff :wink:

h.o.l.y f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g s.h.i.t

This is so damn weird. About a month ago I had a dream where I got into a fight with my dad and ended up choking him to death. I remember this dream distinctly for some reason.

Now my father and I have never gotten a long at all. He has always been in and out of the house, coming and going as he pleased and my stepmom always put up with it. Not to mention he was a very bad compulsive gambler.

Well they are about to get a divorce and my father is back to his old ways. (I of course don’t live at home anymore) However my little sister and my stepmom get put through hell because of this man.

Anyways whats odd is that I have been sleeping over at my girlfriends house and normally she has to get up and go to work before I do, and she always wakes me up and tells me bye.

So between when she leaves and when I wake up on my own I have EXTREMELY intense and real dreams. I mean stuff that just blows my mind. Well a few days ago I had one where I was sitting in the back of a truck with my dad and he started talking about how he was gambling again and bragging about getting all this money from my stepmom and then leaving them stranded.

So out of no where once again I started choking my dad, and for the second time in my dreams I have killed my dad by choking him. How fucking weird is that. In all honesty I don’t care much for my dad, but I do love him simply because he is my father.

These arent normal dreams I have been having either. I recently got moved from a swing shift at work with crazy ass hours to a first shift where I get plenty of sleep that I need. Now I have started having all of these crazy ass dreams that I can almost always remember vividly. Even dreams about having sex with old girlfriends, things that make me wake up with a stomach ache because its so real. Stuff I really dont even want to dream about but its there.

Just thought I would get that off my chest lol

I first heard about LD from Frank Zane back in the 1980s. He was also a strong advocate of L-tryptophan before his afternoon nap and at bedtime.

I have to say that the tryptophan worked great. I used to go flying in my dreams. Unfortunately, it was soon after I discovered this wonderful tool that the FDA banned it.

The brain tumors or damage or whatever, were only associated with some Japanese tryptophan and probably related to some solvent they used to extract it from the gross protein, but the brilliant FDA banned all of it.

Well, for a six month period… I had difficulty actually entering REM sleep. I was in a state of light sleep for lengthy periods, which was causing me to violently jerk and spasm as a result of what I was dreaming. I would begin to dream before I was fully asleep. The dreams were very unusual, (I.E.some old lady I’ve never seen before would shout ‘OKLAHOMA’ in my face for no good damn reason) Then my leg would violently kick out or some part of my body would react, and I’d be awake. They are called Myoclonic jerks technically. Mostly everyone has experienced them at one time or another when falling asleep, I however ended up with a lasting condition. It was a stressful time in my life and my dreams were chaotic. I don’t have this problem any longer thankfully.

I do however dream on a regular basis. On a few occasions random things that occur in my dreams, have seeped into my day, yet have no real significance. For instance, once I dreamed I was purchasing a Stephen King book, and I read the book while eating peanuts. Not long after I awoke, I took a trip to the shop. I overhead two people discussing Stephen King, they couldn’t figure which was the one with clown, I volunteered that was from the book “IT” …and the memory of my dream washed over me. I focused my attention on the customer in front of me, who happened to be purchasing just one bag… of peanuts. Nothing significant, or major… just an odd sort of preview, different context, same theme. Happened a few times now. Today though, I was a passenger on the ill fated Hindenberg…only I was Brett Favre. lol

(I blame falling asleep watching Mythbusters)

Oops. I just saw this more recent thread. I searched and posted in the first one that came up, which was last year.

Anyway, the link I posted was:

Very interesting stuff. It says it’s designed to be read in order (the pages of that part of the site), and I skimmed through it.