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Lucid Dreaming Techniques




Supposedly you are able to realize you are dreaming and continue to sleep, controlling your dreams.

1)Has anyone had any success trying this?

Some of the people on the LD4all forums seemed kind of ...detatched...

2)Do you think ZMA would help in being able to recall dreams and keep your focus during lucid dreams?

3)I can often recall several dreams every night, but I just can't seem to get lucid ones.



I used to have lucid dreams as a child, but that ability went away as I got older. As far as I know, it's something you either have or don't have... I've never heard of anyone practising the ability to have lucid dreams before. I would kind of describe it as daydreaming in a full sleep state -- I could go back and change things in my dream if I thought there was a better way the dream could go or whatever.


Lucid dreams as a child, teenager, and adult. My father prompted the idea and forced me to work on it to deal with nightmares as a kid. Eventually it worked.

It's been a few years since I've done it, though... 30-ish is about when I stopped. But then, I also don't dream much anymore. I'm usually so tired when I crash that it's almost like blinking.


Thank you for the reply, sir.

According to these sites, it is an ability everyone has, but you need to train it using the techniques described there (WILD, MILD, etc.).

WILD - Keep your consciousness while falling asleep and go straight into a dream.

MILD - Fall asleep while focused on your intention to remember that you're dreaming.

Reality Checks - Processes you do during daily life that involve confirming you are awake. Ex: look at the time on a digital clock, look away, and look back. If it has changed or is a combination of strange symbols, you are most likely asleep.

Anyone else actually succeed in acheiving lucid dreams using a technique like this? Or is it a crock of shit?


ZMA helped me dream more, or at least remember the ones that I had.

On occassion I've realized I was dreaming and tried to keep it going/control my dream, but ussually I would wake up shortly there-after.


Check out Frank Zane's ideas on this.


Less than 100,000 people in the world are capable of lucid dreaming. My best advice for incredible REM sleep(when dreams occur) is to stay awake for over 24 hrs preferably 30-36 hrs then sleep. Sleep duration shouldn't be more than 12-14 hrs but dreams will be incredibly vivid.


Actually, I think Shugs mentioned it in one of his blogs, that he did a lot of experiments on himself with sleeping, dreaming, and lucid dreaming.

I'd like to hear what he has to say about this.


That's never worked for me. When I stay awake for extended periods of time and then crash, there's never dreams involved.


Do you have a source for this claim? I used to do it all the time as a teenager.


I've had that fail numerous times. Sometimes when dreaming I get the idea that things are not quite right. I'll examine some object, like say the leaves on a tree, and think "Pretty good detail there. I guess I'm not dreaming."

Usually it has to be something really obvious to cause the realization, like "Wait a minute, there's no such thing as a wolf-man" or "Hey, I'm pretty sure real life is not a cartoon." Unfortunately, after a making a few conscious changes, I either wake up or forget that I knew it was a dream.

I do remember an "Addams Family" dream I had about thirty years ago. I realized it was a dream and started hitting myself on the head (but not in reality). Morticia asked me what I was doing and I calmly explained that I was trying to wake myself up.


I have incredibly vivid dreams every night. This has been happening since I started taking Zoloft. I hypothesized that ZMA might enhance this, but it doesn't. I guess depending on what I've eaten, my mood, etc. the dream may or may not be considered "lucid".

Usually I'd say they're at least quasi-lucid, just because it's all rather clear and I remember certain things as if they happened, but I don't get that feeling of wakefulness. I've only had a handful of legitimately lucid dreams, and yes guys, they were very erotic. It's really redefined the phrase "in your dreams"!


My friends hippy Grandmother told us a great trick for lucid dreaming.

Look at your hands!

When your in a dream your hands will be messed up! Like 80 fingers, 1 finger, no hands, weird alien type things, claws. (With me its usually no hands at all)

I always glance down at my left hand whenever entering a building, I look at my watch/hand and it's a very ingrained habbit so I do it when I'm in dreams too.

You'll be very suprised where you are in your dreams!


I have it alot. Especially when I nap a bit longer or wake up to a phone call and go back to bed again, hardly remember my dreams at all if I just sleep all my hours directly.


I don't know about the idea of inducing lucid dreams. I just remember, I was 10, I dreamed about some hairy bitch who was about to throw me in a cauldron and cook me, and I was like, fuck you you ain't real.

Then I beat the shit out of her. Nowadays I don't dream often, but when I do it's lucid. However I must say that during the one month I was giving ZMA a test run, I did dream alot more often.


I used to be able to do it almost at will. A girlfriend taught me how and had me practice every night. This was in 1986 or so. I was moving away and she was convinced we could meet in our dreams. That never happened, but the Lucid dreams were great.

At first she had me repeat to myself while falling asleep that I would wake-up when a certain song came on the radio ("These Dreams" by Heart). Once I was consistenly waking up at night when that song came on the radio, she had me write down all my dreams as soon as I woke up. Then we looked through them to find common things to use as a trigger to let me know I was dreaming.

I remember in high school doing Calculus homework in my dreams. It would make so much sense. If you've ever had "Tetris Dreams", it was a lot like that.


I lucid dream quite often. about 80% of the dreams that i remember, which is usually about 2 - 3 a week will be lucid. it started originally as a child, i was learning how to fly. this continued into adulthood (now 28). same dream still reoccurs now its not learning, i just toy with the ability of being able to fly. in dream i believe it is real and know that i can so i will run and jump and see if i can reach that equilibrium where i realise i am flying. sometimes i dont' make it and fall flat on my face, but mostly i do.

i started taking zinc and magnezium tablets (not the composite zma) and have found that this allows me to remember the dream with greater ease.

when in a dream try to read something, whether it be a sign or a label of something.. this can spark your awareness and induce a lucid dream. there are many different ways of doing it, but what worked for me was that i associated a recurring dream, event within a dream ie. flying with the dream but was completely aware of it in my waking life, so i was able to discern and actually become lucid.

hope this helped.


i lucid dream quite often, but i've always been able to remember all my dreams. i found ZMA a bit to powerufll, it actualy made me wake up because of the intensity. the best way to get started is to ask yourself 'am i awake?' ask yourself several times a day. then try and remebmer something from a few hours ago as you don't hold memory in dreams. eventualy you get to the point when you ask yourself in your dreams, you try and remebmer what you did a few hours ago and bang, you realise your awake. thats the easy bit though, keeping yourself lucid is the hard part.


The other day I had a dream I was trying to cook a steak with my hand by setting it on fire. Then I had sex with Saddam Hussein's daughter who was a prostitute and stuck it in her ass. Can't say it was a lucid dream, but man that was nuts.


This is what I do simply because I can't stop myself from doing it. I never could.

My life is usually an emotional rollercoaster that I feel the need to be in control of. Therefore, it takes me a while to simmer down at night, and I simply keep visualising things as I fall asleep.

For me, it's never a loss of lucidity, I'm always there. That's not to say that I remember everything I dream.

Do you remember everything you do during a day? Certainly not.

So the two things I "blame" for my ability to lucid dream are:

1)my ability to constantly visualise, or, as they call it on the internet these days, "image stream"

2)the fact that I treat reality as a "game". For most people, life is about everyone around them, so dreams, which are much more self-centered, are hard to wake up into. I am self-centered to the point of insanity, so I find absolutely no gap between my life and dreaming.

To end this, I will say that if you're one of those dudes who have a great imagination, and can visualise anything you please; and you're one of those dudes who have an uber presence and an uber self-image, you're probably already having lucid-dreams.