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Lu Xiaojun Wins 81kg Olympic Weightlifting World Championship


Lü Xiaojun wins world championship today at the age of 34. This is an incredible achievement . After all it is a young man’s sport.


He’s fuckin incredible, man. Plus the squat jerk is just awesome. Amazing shoulder mobility, flawless form, and his composure and professionalism are second to none. Bravo.


Will he be at 2020 Olympics for sure? Even a bronze at 35-36 would be the stuff of legends.

I feel like the judges screwed up Ehab btw. Lu could have still surpassed him (or maybe not) with his third attempt, but Mohamed did have that last jerk. It’s like if the judges waited on purpose for him to flinch to give the down command and then a no-lift. That shit is dangerous for the athletes.

Also, major props to Li Dayin, kid’s amazing and handled himself greatly competing with much more experienced guys.