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LSD while on Cycle

Did 1 tab of lsd on cycle last night at some EDM concert.
all was well until thwords the end of the night.
got home, had heart rate of 110, blood pressure ws 168/89.
hyperventilation, dizziness, extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, shivers.
Rushed myself to the emergency room.
i collapsed in the lobby before i could even say what was wrong.

docs gave me fluid and said i was dehydrated and gave me lorazepam 2 mg IV. stayed the night.

DON’T FUCKING DO DRUGS ON CYCLE. end of discussion
i knew it was a bad idea but I gave into peer pressure like a dipshit. I’m so dissapointed and angry with myself.

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God damn. What did the doctor tell you? Was he sure that it was because of the combination of LSD and anabolics?

I used to smash all kinds of shit on the weekend… lol.

Those days are pretty much over for me apart from a line here and there.

Regardless of anabolics you take a risk everytime… The risk is obviously increased when your body is already under more stress than normal with the extra weight and higher red blood cell count etc…

yeah me too. Still take the occasional pill or a little smoke but it’s a young man’s game.

I’d be very surprised if there’s an interaction between acid and steroids…

am I the only one impressed by the fact that he managed to take his blood pressure while on LSD?


when was the last time the rest of you guys dropped acid?

I think it’s been like 8 years. Jesus.

I havent done acid or shrooms since college… Im grown with grown ass problems I keep my demons locked away… No way in hell I want to let those fuckers out…

For what its worth I would say stay clear of narcotics on a cycle… Ive done coke on a cycle and the results was like letting the incredible hulk out a cage… Needless to say people got hurt and it was a legal mess… dont do it

Never did X on cycle but wouldnt advise it

Drinking can also unleash the beast so watch it

The only drugs I’ve seen be cycle friendly is weed and pain killers… Anything else your asking for trouble

Pretty much if doing a cycle just concentrate on eating clean working out and getting sweet gainz… Drugs and roids dont mix… Save the party stuff for of cycle…

Not being a dick but LSD on a cycle was a retard move luckily you didnt wake up in jail

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no offense mate, but do you think it was the drugs that got you in trouble or maybe just the fact that you’re a crazy motherfucker?

both but drugs dont help

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I’ve never done steroids but I did manage to end up in jail on an LSD trip about 18 years ago with a dozen friends.

Best jail trip ever. Even the guards had a good time that night.

That’s all I have to add to this sub-forum. See you all in 5 years.


man last time I did acid we just played dominos and ate easter eggs for like 12 hours.

I’ve wasted my life

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Good for you being honest about it

LOL…funny post. I haven’t touched acid since 98’ and got stuck looking at the letter “s” section of the dictionary for about 4 hours of my trip…can’t say it wasn’t interesting at the time.

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haha! I remember taking a load of acid and MDMA in a club once. The next morning when I’m finally trying to get some sleep there’s all this green mist floating around and if I let my eyes de-focus it turned into transparent, green claws like Dr Octopus has in Spiderman 2 and snapped at my face.

It’s not scary because you know it’s not real - it’s just annoying. Lying there trying to sleep like “leave me alone fucking Spiderman 2 claw hands!”

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Haven’t tried LSD but a shroom trip once had me being chased by giant, angry gummy bears. Never again…

Trigger warning: I’m about to ratchet up the hippy here in the steroid forum.

It sounds cheesy, but I’ve had a handful of nights that can only be described as magical on LSD. One of those occasions was an Indiana night in the summer of 1998. It started off as a bunch of us realizing we had nothing to do, so someone got the idea to have a party at a farm with the blessing of the owner. So a group of about 30 of us ended up dosing together and having a great big fire on a perfect summer night next to a picturesque pond in a gigantic field of grass where nobody - I mean NOBODY - from the road could either see or hear what was going on in that field.

That last part is really integral to a good trip, if you ask me.

Due to the generous doses of LSD we all had ingested, we did not sleep at all, but instead made the most of a very fine evening. We kept ourselves busy with games like hide and seek, play with fire, paddleboat rides, paddleboat rescues, venturing out away from the fire, watching that guy do that thing, pondering reality and of course laying in the grass listening to the music while you look at the stars.

I don’t remember everything from that night, but every time I hear The Doors song “Peace Frog”, I remember my absolute lunatic buddy blasting that song out of his red Saturn sedan not long after the sun came up, raving at me to get in the fucking car.

I had to take the ride.

So yeah, its been over 15 years since I last took LSD, but I hear those steroids work pretty well too.


I think what we have learned here is drugs are bad mmmkay… Also Vagblaster sounds like a fun guy to party with

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Sounds like simple dehydration. I dropped some acid with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago when we were staying at a lake house and I’m on 500 test 400 tren plus lots of orals. It’s hard to sleep so that might impact recovery. Other than that zero issues. Last summer I took 4 hits and was up for 3 days and 2 nights. Was a really bad trip the last day. Protip: have a xanax or valium on hand it will knock you out and end the trip. LSD is amazing I think everyone should try it at least once in their lives. Really had a lasting impact on me.

I take adderall for productivity and I get a little bit worried because my blood pressure and heart rate can get up there. occasional PVC as well. spreading it and orals out as far apart helps. high blood pressure peaks aren’t the problem it’s when it is high for years and years that you will do damage. it gets up to 150/100 with the tren and adderall but when i cruise it’s around 110/70 so i’m not too worried.

in a few more weeks i’m gonna write a long post about this cycle but also how it fits in to the rest of life. i think that’s what is missing in so many logs, how to fit yoru cycle in to your actual life not some perfectly dedicated bodybuilding monk lifestyle. i’m adding insane amounts of strength to my bench and deadlift but still having fun (i had a threesome with my gf and a girl we met on tinder lol, stay tuned for details), drinking occasionally, eating junk more often than i should while slowly recomping, and keeping a close eye on health (although i’m sacrificing it to an extent no doubt).

so just wanted to say i couldn’t disagree with you more OP.


Strongly disagree. Some people just aren’t cut out for the experience. They’ll usually end up roaming around the neighborhood with no clothes on until they get the bright idea to knock on someone’s door at 2 am in the middle of a thundershower to see if they need any help. Then that person will turn out to be a cop who says he needs help, but really just wants to take you to jail.

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roffle. this is my most successful thread. wtf.