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LRB 360 or SS Protocol

Hi Paul,
wondering what the difference is between the two programmes. I know 360 is a years template but could ss be run for this extended period of time as well ?
I’m after something new to try. The monotony of a programme isn’t something that bothers me, quite happy to keep things the same if they work. Goal wise, just want to keep healthy, strong, active. Just wondered which you would recommend (or anyone who has run the programmes feel free to chip in)
Thanks in advance.

Both are great programs. SSP is more updated in terms of information, of course. But you can’t go wrong with either. LRB 365 doesn’t have a supplement section in it and some of the nutrition stuff could be revised a bit but it’s still an excellent program and someone could easily implement the SPP protocols into various parts of LRB 365.

Cheers Paul. Purchased 365. Should keep me going for a while !!
Will run it as is for the year, should give me a solid base.
interested to know what ssp is like, so will probably end up purchasing that as well.

Far more updated in terms of information backed by science. And a little more hypertrophy based.

purchased both, great read, cheers Paul :+1:
Just a quick question on a different subject. I’m off traveling for a month in a weeks time and was wondering if there was anything “training” wise you would recommend ? I won’t have access to a gym so would be looking at body weight stuff. I thought your body weight circuit in 365 would be ok to do. How regularly would you recommend it’s completed ?
Or do you just say f&ck it, enjoy the food and beer for a month !!
Cheers in advance

Truth is, you’re really not going to lose much so long as you’re active. You may not look as full or as hard as you do when training more consistently, but it’s been shown over and over that muscle doesn’t just go away after a few weeks ago. Esp if your activity level remains high. You can def use the circuit in 365 or you can just wing it with some chins, dips, and lunges when you feel like it. One thing I tell guys to do in these instances is get in better shape cardio wise. Then when you come back to the gym your work capacity isn’t shot to hell.