Loyal friends

Throughout friends have come and gone, but those who stick around are true friends… right? What about the ones that are only there for you or in contact with you when it is convenient for them but claim that they do in fact really care about you? What are good qualities of a friend, male or female? Are guys or girls better friends? Scoop please.

It sounds like you need a cat; cats make nice friends! (MEEOOWWW!)

Funny you should ask…just the other day my friends and me were talking about that, and concluded:

1.The one who has three true friends should consider himself lucky

2.The term “best friend” is stupid: he/she is either your friend or he/she isn’t.

3.Male/female friendship without hidden sexual agenda is extremely rare

4.Friend is a someone who would never, under any circumstances,let you down for money or woman,and who you can call in 4am to help you with something, even if he is making love to Sylvia Saint at the moment

I think that guys are better friends, over-all. Women have far too many issues that surface when they shouldn’t. Having said that, however, in either case a good friend is there for you when you need them. A good friend spends as much time listening as talking. A good friend can be trusted with secrets. A good friend will tell you when you do something stupid and if you are a good friend, you won’t get angry. A good friend supports you, but guides you, and then catches you when you fall. A good friend is someone you want to spend time with. A good friend can laugh with you and at you and not feel bad about it. A good friend stays in touch. A good friend doesn’t try to steal your partner.
A good friend makes you smile. A good friend is someone you feel you can tell anything to and you know they will listen, understand, and not spread it around. A good friend is a gift that should be treasured and nurtured.

A true friend is one who is willing to risk the friendship every day, telling you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. They are the ones that you could call when your car breaks down, and the first question is “Where are you so I can come get you?”

Girls are better for talking to. If I’ve ever got a problem, I pick a girl who I can picture naked (& moaning) & tell her about it.

I have three really close friends and yes I am damn lucky. I know I can trust them with my life and they can trust me. We all live in different areas and sometimes we don’t talk for a while 'cause life is busy for all of us, but when we talk it’s like we live next door. I tend to think friendship is harder for women than men, but I am not sure why. I can say this about your situation. I don’t think it’s a big deal, true friends can contct you when it’s convenient and it’s allright, because you know if you have a problem in the middle of the night, you can call them and they will come running.

I don’t know - maybe the ones that stick around just have nothing better to do or no other place to go. Their presence alone does not make them better friends. Real friends don’t only care for you but also go out of their way to help you and support you. You might not have heard from them in months but you know if you need them you can count on them. In a way they’re like ‘family’ - you don’t need to see them every day. Only friends you can choose… :-))

I can be your special friend bionic… buhaa haaa. I doubt I could hang with you. Anywho. I have a couple really close friends and I am very blessed to have them. One is female the other male. I get both sides of the story. True opposite sex friendships are rare and they do require more maintenance then with men however the result is quite mutually beneficial.

Friendships between women are far more complicated than friendships between men. Men settle things simply, quickly and easily. Women analyze, discuss, obsess, discuss some more, analyze again, and then cry about it. It’s crazy! However, we usually pick closer friends within our own sexes–I guess because we can relate to the way the friendships work.
Although true friendships between men and women are rare, they are a really good thing for putting new perspective on situations. Your own sex will always give you an answer that you can come up with on your own, whereas the opposite sex will give a whole new slant to an issue.
As for the availability? Well, people do get busy, but your true friends will be there at a moment’s notice, even if you haven’t spoken with them in a long time.

An author by the name of David Lieberman wrote a couple books called Never Be Lied to Again, and Get Anyone to do Anything. In those books, he teaches you how to sniff out your friends when they’re lying to you and taking advantage of you. You might be interested in checking those books out.