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Lowish Body Fat, Still Got a Gut

So I started working out and dieting to lose fat about five months ago. Since I started, I have gone from 190 lb at ~28% BF, down to 155 lb at 11.4% BF as of two weeks ago. The thing is, I’m still sitting pretty with a bit of a belly. I’m getting definition everywhere else, but it seems like my body’s really trying to retain this thing. The most recent weighing and body fat reading came from a bod pod. I realize that there’s about a 2% margin of error for the technology, and it probably read low for whatever reason. So anyways, my question isn’t about why I actually still have this fat. I know I’m not close to done cutting yet.

My question is, once I work this thing off all the way, when I go to bulk, will the newly added fat re accumulate in the same areas as before. Pretty much, is the keg always going to be the first place I put weight back into when I fatten up a bit?

Take your fish oils and pack on more muscle, really the only option you got.

having more muscle will solve this problem, i cant explain it scientifically but its hard for even skinny fat guys to lose a gut without having a decent amount of muscle first. otherwise they just cut and cut and cut until they lose mass and fat and have some average definition down there.

but put on some mass after this cut and you will see yourself becoming more defined as your muscles become fuller, you are at a decent bf% to do this.

Pictures please.

Pics so we can assess.

But honestly, you’re too skinny to have much of a chest/back/muscular build in general, so naturally you will have a little bit of a gut. Hell, I’ve got very visible abs and all, but if you put my stomach on you without the rest of my body, it would stick out on your frame.

Clif notes: Get stronger.

155 with a belly?


height? unless you are like 52 i wouldnt recomend weighting 155lbs

[quote]kaisermetal22 wrote:
height? unless you are like 52 i wouldnt recomend weighting 155lbs[/quote]


It is like they think the muscle mass doesn’t matter.

It does. This is not men’s health.

Alright, shit. I didn’t consider myself to be skinny up until I just looked at these pictures. Bulking has been the next part of my plan, I know that I need muscle everywhere, but I wanted REALLY break out of fat man mode, first, you know?

This first one is a relaxed front.

The belly. And when I say belly, I don’t mean a lack of abs. I mean there’s still some pudding hanging out.

The back

Also, for the record, I’m 5’4". For reference, this was me about five months ago.

Firstly, good start to changing your body. Takes discpline to break old habits so nice going.
Secondly - as ProfX said, this isn’t Men’s Health and if you really want to get rid of that last bit you need to add some good mass to your body.
You don’t need to become huge, but even just adding another 10-15lbs of LEAN mass to your slight frame would make a huge difference, to your overall look and your gut.
There are loads of programs on here to help you gain some serious lean mass and the nutrition to go with it.
Your body fat is already low so just keep eating clean and you won’t gain extra fat, lift heavy, gain mass and the gut will sort itself out.

You just don’t have enough muscle to look good nekkid, no matter how lean you are. Standard definition for skinny-fat. Squats and milk baby!

Alright. I had already started working on a lifting plan for after I finished P90x, but that program’s getting boring anyways. I’ll start another thread to make sure I’m on the right track for my bulking plan. Thanks for your input guys.