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LowFat stuff in shakes?

Just read the “Shake it up!” article, and got a question for you all. Basically, I noticed that in almost all of it you suggest using lowfat/nofat Cottage cheese and/or skim milk. Does the consumption of fat with protein decrease protein absorption? Will using whole milk and real cottage cheese inhibit the effectiveness of these things?



The reason for recommending skim milk and non-fat cottage cheese is that the fat in milk is primarily saturated and should for the most part be avoided. Also, many of the shakes recommending skim milk and non-fat cottage cheese are designed to fit into a Massive Eating style diet where you try to avoid combining fat and carbs in the same meal. In response to your original question, the answer is no. Consuming fat with protein is fine, it is just not recommend in most people’s cases to eat lots of saturated dairy fat.

Thank you. - MacSmith