Lowest Total Testosterone

i had my levels checked a few weeks ago and do have an apt with urologist 2 weeks from monday.

my total was 90.66 with the range from 350-950. i wanted the full picture but the doctor

misunderstood what i wanted. i also know that 6yrs ago my total was 309 and was having symtoms

then just didnt know why and of couse the doc said it was normal… done alot of reading quite

alot of info to absorb. if only i had read the info earlier. funny thing though last time i

diet and got down to 170lbs was 6yrs ago and felt really good despite the 309 total! just had

no sex drive and mabe 3 or more morning wood durring the week. i hope i get a good doc because

i need a good one and if anyone in Wilson NC and surrounding area knows a good doctor that

treats TRT please let me know. thanks also i’m on medicare and this probally limits me and any

info is greatly appreciated.


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Barton, you are in the right spot. The best thing that you can do is to read the stickies.

You need to take certain steps and the only way to characterize what you are going to do is learning. The learning curve is steep at first because so many things are unfamiliar.

You should start here:

yes a good ref if the doc i’m seeing doesen’t work out.

ksman thanks for the info.

is there anyone on medicare that had TRT and what was the results, example good care or really bad care

and had to look for another doc or had to self medicate… i have read some that self medicate and worked

good for them.