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Lowest Incidence on Lipid Profile


I've been doing some research on google but am having a hard time finding the information I want. Maybe you guys can help me out. I want to know which steroids have to lowest effects on blood lipids levels? Also I want to know what would be the best way to do a cycle while keeping the blood lipids at a healthy level. Is it possible? Is there a medication I can take during the cycle that lowers cholesterol or something like that?


I can't remember the citation right now, but while researching testosterone and CVD risk if i remember correctly i read its only non-aromatisable steroids which cause adverse changes in liver profiles, though that research was dealing with normal (or close to) testosterone levels, not supraphysiological ones


I dont know the answer but I'll add that arimidex will also impact the lipid profile.

Taking a ton of fish oil would help. It should be included in all cycles for this reason.


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2834340/?tool=pubmed it was this article

particularly this part "In contrast to the belief of many physicians that androgen administration leads to an adverse lipid profile, research shows that physiological testosterone replacement is at least neutral (if not beneficial) to lipids. Hence, it should be differentiated from non-aromatizable androgens that do result in harmful lipid profile by lowering high-density lipoprotein. "

though no source was cited for the last sentence


Well it's accepted that men who suffer from low T often see their lipid profile improve after going on TRT. BUT people using performance enhancing doses of T DO see a negative change in the lipid profile. The extent will be different in different people.

So it would be unwise to assume that using 2g/wk of T would cause beneficial changes or even no changes to the lipid profile.


Yep, thats why i quoted it saying "physiological" and didn't suggest/assume anything about supraphysiological doses. Clearly non-aromatisables even in physioligical doses do negatively affect lipid profiles though.


Bonez, please elaborate. What is the optimum amount of fish oil that should be taken whilst on cycle?


Some people take 10g regularly. For most people it comes down to how much they can afford.


Optimize your estrogen levels and your lipid levels will improve. That is why non aromatising are worse. They shutdown natural T and then doesn't replace the estrogen. 20mg of Nolva over time + Fish oil and a good diet would do wonders if you're on a non arom. cycle


Anecdotally, I just finished a 7 week standalone cycle of anavar with doses as high as 80 mg a day. I got my bloodwork done about 5 days later, and my lipid profile was perfect. Liver enzymes were a little elevated, though. I told my doctor I had a big boozing night the night before and also felt like I was coming down with something (flus/viruses can elevate liver enzymes).


This is often touted, but I disagree. If there's a distinction to be made it's probably an oral/injectible distinction and not an aromatizing/non-aromatizing distinction.

Orals tend to be very hard on the body (including cholesterol) with the arguable exception of var.


I would note that others believe that var takes its toll on cholesterol. But I've never found it to be so. I always take high-dose fish oil during cycle and do treadmill interval training. This cycle was a fat loss cycle, and I also used albuterol, which is known to have positive effects on cholesterol.


thanks for the info guys! I think i'm gonna take massive amounts of omega 3!!!