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Lowest Gas Prices In YOUR Area



Enter your zip code - it's updated every evening..


Awesome. Thanks for that.


No prob. Figured I'd get it out there to a bunch of ppl I knew would appreciate it. :slightly_smiling:

It's easier than going through and PM'ing everyone on my Friends list or emailing everyone and their brother. :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Carrie :slightly_smiling:


Thats the best idea I've ever seen.


What's the highest you've seen?

South Central Los Angeles area at around $3.40 avg. High for an above average poverty area.

My last residence in LA is about $3.35 avg. South east area.

Where I go to school in MA is a little less than 3, maybe the low 2.90's. Quite a difference from CA.



I'm getting a bike (bicycle, not a Ninja super bike) this summer when I go back home.


The prices are about 7 cents off around here, but it does accurately reflect which stations are the cheapest.

$2.48 right now.


$2.78 in Colorado where I reside. That's for Regular unleaded.
That is the low end of the prices..




Glad I'll be in Ensenada over the summer... over a buck cheaper there. :slight_smile:


You should check out www.gasbuddy.com it was the first site to publish gas prices


I don't mean to rub it in, but...my new job came with a company van that I can use for personal use (technically not supposed to but my boss lets me), and I also have a company gas card.

The only automobile gas we pay for is my wife's 4 trips to college and back each week, which is about 2 miles per trip, and she drives a little Nissan Sentra.

Sorry, but if it makes anyone feel better, my company pays over $120 per week in gas, just for my (well, their) van.


Fucker. I bet you fill up with premium while you're at it, too.



$3.31 is cheapest in my area


lol, no, I still have to turn in all of my reciepts. They wouldn't like it if I used premium.

I have to put in the milage from the odometer every time I fill up too, but they don't know if my miles were city or hiway, with all my equipment or not, so I can get away with "spilling" a little into my wife's car when I fill up.


I hope hell is at least 5 degrees hotter for you when you get there.


And fuck, I'm moving to Southern Los Angeles next week. Right into the heart of the beast.


I assume that you guys are talking about gallons. If that is the case, I did some rough conversions and the petrol in Australia costs the equivalent of US$6.65 per gallon.


Thats gotta be sacreligious. Thats insane.