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Lowest Effective HCG Dose?

What is the lowest effective HCG dose for preserving fertility?

From all the literature I’ve read it’s 250IU EOD - does anyone know if you can go lower than this?

HCG is causing me to have higher e2 levels, although I don’t think it’s that much of a problem I would like to be on the lowest dose of HCG possible.

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Not sure, but it would seem one could assume that if your testicles are not atrophying they are still functioning, although some guys on test do not report testicular atrophy.

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Yes, but this is quite subjective and hard to measure. Mine seem to be the same if I am taking HCG or not.

I have seen the following studies (although there is not really much good literature on this):

“In healthy eugonadal men selected to undergo TRT it was shown that their intratesticular testosterone levels dropped by 94%. However, in those who received 250 IU SC every other day along with TRT their intratesticular testosterone levels only dropped 7%. Additionally, in men who received TRT and 500 IU of hCG every other day an increase in intratesticular testosterone by 26% was observed”

Posttreatment ITT was 25% less than baseline in the 125 IU hCG group, 7% less than baseline in the 250 IU hCG group, and 26% greater than baseline in the 500 IU hCG group.

With that all being said, I’m gathering 500 iu eod answers your question if atrophy is the initial reason. 250 if not but i almost wouldnt play with to much hcg at all until closer to the end of a cycle if your balls are the same… mine wind up retracting uncomfortably during sex. I shut down bad now a days.

I personally used hcg one time near the end of a cycle in higher dosage and I’m not quite sure i did right. It was my first tren cycle and my balls didnt come back until a fair bit into pct.

Im about a week into drol/test/prov and think im going to start 500iu eod of HCG because my atrophy is already frustrating.

Of course it is, in your case, I would say have your semen analyzed. Then you’ll know for sure.

Are there any more answers to this?

I might try 150IU EOD and see if that helps. I guess the only way to know would be to do a fertility check.

Using HCG to retain fertility FYI as I am only 30

Many are now saying you can use hcg just when you want to start trying for children, instead of running it constantly.