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Lowest Crime Cities Have Huge Immigrant Populations and Vice Versa



CQ Press came out with their annual ranking of US cities based on crime rate in the US on Monday. Just looking at the list, I got a hunch as to an interesting correlation; the safest cities seemed to be high-immigrant population centers, while the most dangerous were not. So I checked it out.

The following table lists the ten safest cities in the U.S. according to CQ, along with the percentage of their population which is foreign born, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (an anti-immigration lobby).


El Paso.........26.1 %
Honolulu........25.3 %
New York........35.9 %
San Jose........40.5 %
San Diego.......25.7 %
Austin..........16.6 %
Portland........13.0 %
Los Angeles.....40.9 %
Seattle.........16.9 %
Fort Worth......16.3 %


Brother Chris - where is Phoenix?? I KNOW this town has a huge influx of illegal immigrants here, and with no surprise, the crime rate is just as high. Phoenix is in neither list. The problem I have, where is the population of illegal immigrants.People who come here through the proper channels of course are willing to add to the 'great American dream.' More information should strengthen a case and NOT weaken the cause you are fighting for. I'm just sayn' [ =


This study fails to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants, something the Catholic church blurs very well, since the only people left who will donate money to the perverted child molesting priests are illegal aliens. Funny how that works eh? The Catholic church has enough money to end world hunger, but it doesn't, ever wonder why?

Something many people don't know, you should see where some of the priests in Rome and Vatican live, you would fall over at such luxury.


^and now I'm done reading you.


Being born in another country doesn't make anybody a criminal. Illegally invading mine does, ipso facto. Illegal alien. ILLEGAL see? They are a walking crime scene. I'm not digging it up... again, but yes Max is right. Illegals commit very large numbers of very serious crimes. How they are distributed geographically is not the point.


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It's probably on a per capita basis Chushin.


I'm sure it is. 2000 murders a year is a lot, but is a much lower rate in a large city than 10 murders would be in a town of 100.


First, you didn't address the point. Second, the Catholic Church has the same or even less of the percentage of other religion's clergy that are considered to be pedophiles (which all those cases against clergyman in the Catholic Church weren't for pedophilia, they were for molesting 11-17 year olds). Has enough money, what are they doing with that money, please inform us? My religion supports more of the sick, hungry, and dying then any other organisation in the world, we also attempt to civilize the rest of the world that doesn't need to be healed, fed, and supported in their last moments. We preserve the worlds most magnificent art collection that would have likely been lost, was it no in our hands. What does your religion do?

I know perfectly well, I have been inside the Papal apartments, saw two of the ten. Hell if they didn't have a water room, they'd be studios and not apartments. I mean there is one greedy guy there that has an apartment with a study in it, heard the guy has like 20,000 books. They say he needs those books to run a religion or something...hogwash.


Immigration can be good or bad. Depends on race and such.


The study has to be put into perspective. It's like comparing what pile of shit is least disgusting.

What the study fails to address is why the worst cities are the worst, amongst a lot of things.

re: molestation -- the fact is that molestation rates are higher in public schools than in the Catholic church.

Microsoft also has enough money to end world hunger. I'll even bet you're running some of their software right now.


yeah that caught my attention too. lol.
the "per capita" stat apparently is not very accurate.
the stat I would like to see is the percentage of crimes illegals commit (not counting the fact that they are breaking the law by being here obviously), not the percentage of immigrants in the population. also, wouldn't hurt to have statistical data on what countries those immigrants are from.
that would be racist profiling of course....


First, YOU didn't see the point, about the difference of legal and illegal, which Tirib touched on, I am not exactly sure how or why you missed this. I have taken you to be a pretty intelligent guy. If you aren't sure what the difference what legal and illegal is, ask me, it took me 5 yrs to get my papers LEGALLY coming from Italy. So before you start the violin ballad about how hard it is, I went through the process my damn self. You can ask me, all my parents did was like fill out some paperwork and shit. Really fucking hard eh?

Second, THE LAST PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE MOLESTING KIDS ARE PRIESTS AND THOSE WHO REPRESENT A HOLY CALLING. Again, you failed to see the horrific irony in that. Yes they are human, but not all humans molest kids, so those who do SHOULD NOT BE IN A POSITION WHERE THEY ARE NEAR KIDS. WTF is this? Are we launching the shuttle here? Is this so hard to understand? Why did your beloved Cardinal Roger Mahoney hide priests who molested kids, if he is holier than thou or I?

Your religion supports the civilization of the world and it's needs? Again, they CAN end world hunger, but WON'T. Why half ass it? The world's most magnificent art collection? Wouldn't Jesus speak about how worldly possessions have no meaning, only Godly possessions?

Last time I checked, the only book needed to run a religion (why it is referred to as something like a business is beyond me) is the Bible. Get in the word YOURSELF, rather than get some other person's interpretation of it. That way, if you are wrong, at least you can blame yourself for fucking it up, rather than listening to some babbling buffoon with a kid under his robe.

John 10:1-2 (NIV Bible)

1) "Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2) The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep."


^Jack Chick, is that you?


Depending on the race you prefer....racist.

Sorry, just had to!


I know the difference between legal and illegal aliens, I'm second generation American born. I live with them. You didn't address the article, you addressed the religion of the person that talked about the article. Violin ballad? It's not hard, trust me I've seen the process that my grandparents, family, and friends go through to get to this country. It's a joke. No thanks, I know enough from personally seeing it.

No one should be molesting kids. Did I say they should, I said we had a lower rate of fucked up people in the priesthood. I didn't say all of them molested kids though, just because you're a pedophile does mean you are a child molester. I failed to see the horrific irony? YOu mean me, the guy that believes that those priests that hurt children should be hung from a tall tree? Me? Okay. I'm not sure what shuttle your launching, but have fun. And, no one has proven that Cardinal Roger Mahoney had knowledge of O'Grady's actions. There are accusations, but nothing concrete has come up that I have seen.

Yes, you are correct. But, he doesn't say that having physical possessions have no meaning.

When some people think of Vatican City, what they immediately picture is something like a wealthy kingdom, complete with palatial living accommodations for the pope and chests of gold tucked away in every corner, not to mention the fabulous collection of priceless art and artifacts. Looking at it that way, it's easy to see how some people would become indignant at what they think is an ostentatious and wasteful show of wealth.

But the truth is something quite different. While the main buildings are called the "Vatican Palace," it wasn't built to be the lavish living quarters of the pope. In fact, the residential part of the Vatican is relatively small. The greater portion of the Vatican is given over to purposes of art and science, administration of the Church's official business, and management of the palace in general. Quite a number of Church and administrative officials live in the Vatican with the pope, making it more like the Church's main headquarters.

As for the impressive art collection -- truly one of the finest in the world -- the Vatican views it as "an irreplaceable treasure," but not in monetary terms. The pope doesn't own these works of art and couldn't sell them if he wanted to; they're merely in the care of the Holy See. The art doesn't even provide the Church with wealth; actually, it's just the opposite. The Holy See invests quite a bit of its resources into the upkeep of the collection.

The truth of the matter is that the See has a fairly tight financial budget. So why keep the art? It goes back to a belief in the Church's role as a civilizing force in the world. Just like the medieval monks who carefully transcribed ancient texts so they would be available to future generations -- texts that otherwise would have been lost forever -- the Church continues to care for the arts so they will not be forgotten over time. In today's culture of death where the term "civilization" can only be used loosely, the Church's civilizing mission is as important today as it ever was.

Well, you'd be wrong. The Catholic Church created the Bible. And, if you think that the only book you need is the Bible, then show me in the Bible where it says that.

I am in the word myself. I've read through Bible 4.5 times now. I listen to it everyday during Mass, during the Liturgy of the Hours, personal reading, studying in the morning. Sorry, I'd rather follow what the Early Church Fathers (which is far from anything but Catholic and its Tradition) were taught and knew of the word then trust my own interpretations.

So, you're saying every priest has a kid under his robe? You're really not helping your argument.

Well, I would suggest you get a RSV Bible, better translation. Correct too.

Let's take a look at this little verse, let me get on my glasses, and pull out my handy dandy Bible and see what it says.

John 10:1-2:

"Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way, that man is a thief and a robber; but he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

10:1 the sheepfold: Probably a stone wall enclosure with a single entryway, used to protect flocks at night from thieves and predators. Only the shepherd would be recognized and admitted by the designated gatekeeper (10:3). The whole illustration gives a realistic portrayal of pastoral conditions in ancient Palestine (10:1-16).

10:2 is has reference to Feed of the Five Thousand, 6:34 "As he landed he saw a great throng, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.

6:34 sheep without a shepherd: A familiar simle from the OT. It generally depicts Israel's need for spiritual leadership (Num 27:17; 1 Kings 22:17; Jud 11:19; Jer 23:1-3; Zech 10:2) Ultimately God himself promised to shepherd his sheep through the Messiah (Ezek 34:23; Jn 10:11-16)

And, Jesus did make it so that his sheep would recognize their shepherd. He created the Magisterial priesthood. Before that, Jewish people were being led astray for believing the wrong thing or the wrong teacher. With the Catholic Church, it is one truth, one teaching. The markings of the Church are very distinct and the sheep can tell the difference between a thief or a predator or their shepherd.


Maximus - is there any possibility the pedophiles became priests, not the inverse?? Step off your high horse and walk around a little bit. You claim to be intelligent, then why can you NOT think?! Nope, instead you believe the hogwash of the media outlets. NICE!!


Well, they were over 11 so thats OK then.



^Maximus, is that where you get your info on the Catholic Church? It would explain quite a bit.


Yeah, where do people get these ridiculous ideas from? Next you'll be telling me that they used to promise salvation from eternal damnation in exchange for money?!

The pope actively covered up child abuse numerous times, this is well known. I don't know whether to laugh or be outraged by the idea there's some distinction between a pedophile and someone that molests minors.