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Lowest attainable skinfolds?

Just wondering how long you could go on these. How low does pro bb^s go when competing? Is it possible to maintain ab skinfolds under 5 mm? Im down to 6-6.5 mms and I dont know if I should shoot for 5 mm and below…its getting hard dammit.

The lowest I’ve seen or heard anyone get the ab skinfold down to is 4 mm. This was a co-worker (actually the co-owner of the store I work at) when he was competing. I think his b.f. was measured in the low 4’s. I saw the tape of the show he competed in and he was absolutely shredded, albeit very gaunt looking. Best I’ve ever done is 5 mm ab, 2.5 pec and 5.5 thigh. As far as maintaining, my pec and thigh skinfolds don’t ever change more than 3-4 mm. at the most…even on the highest of calorie levels; however my ab skinfold has gotten as high as 24. With better eating habits I could’ve done a lot better. Right now I finished my cutting cycle three weeks ago and I have decided to maintain my current b.f for the summer (gotta look good for the hoochies, ya know!). Never done maintenance work before…always either bulking or cutting, but I have heard that it’s easier to keep your bodyfat lower year-round if you stay at a lower level for a while. Currently I am at roughly 5.5-6 percent. Even going off keto I only put on about a half-inch back onto my waist, which was shocking although my carb ups were very strict. Doing Convergent Phase training right now with 20 min. of cardio post-workout and Don’t Diet for my diet plan. Berardi is the man!

These are my current measurements, as of this morning: Abs- 6.5/7mm Pec- 2mm Thigh- 3mm.
( Jackson- Pollock) Gonna try to CKD down to 5mm but I do not know if my genetics allows it. A year before I was pretty fat, probably in the range of 16-18% bf, but then I didnt know shit bout nothing.