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Lowery Thursday

Okay, I’ll be around until 9:00 or so this evening.

Questions? comments?




Dr. L,

I’m lovin’ the breakfast burrito recipe you shared with us a couple of weeks ago…quick, nutritious, and definitely hits the spot in the morning.

Got anymore recipes for us? Thanks in advance.

Well, I’m not on the right computer to dig up kcal and nutrient data for you at the moment, but did I mention hearty meat and potatoes?

Hmm; I think I’ll whip up some of that tomorrow (takes just a few minutes)…

A hearty lunch for the diet conscious…

One red potato
One skinless boneless chicken breast
1/2 link (quarter-package) of low-fat turkey kielbasa*
One-half medium onion
Minced garlic fom jar

Cut everything into chunks; using scissors cautiously makes cutting chicken easy. Fry chix with onions and garlic in cooking spray until no longer pink in the middle (and onions are softening).

Meanwhile nuke the potato chunks until soft (fork test) in a little water

Add everything to the pan to blend flavors. Serve with sprinkled parsely flakes. Oh yeah!

Note: In a pinch, the chicken can even be done on a Foreman-style grill as you get ready for work that morning, basically the rest can be nuked together at the office.


Clay Hyght, here - met you briefly in London, ON while we were filming JB’s video. Yeah, I’m the sexy beast getting out of the Bod Pod. (I wonder if I get my SAG card for that?) Anyway…

I’d appreciate your input on a debate my scientific side is having w/ my anecdotal side. During contest prep, I have repeatedly noticed that if I consume about 3g of L-carnitine prior to a long duration cardio session I seem to dramatically increase the length of time I can go before ‘hitting the wall’ so-to-speak. I get a distinct hypoglycemic feeling about 20-25 min in w/ no l-carn but don’t get that till about minute 45 or so when taking it. I’m the first to blame this on the placebo effect, but I have noticed it a number of times, as have clients of mine (and without my prompting them). Also of note is that it doesn’t seem to work unless over about 2g are used. 1,000 mg seems to yield nada.

As I’m reviewing a bit for the ISSN test next thurs, I’m reminded of the fact that no research supports what I seem to feel.

As you’ve got the intellectual and practical experience, I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance - maybe I’ll see you in Nawlins.


Dr. LL, I know you travel a lot, yet manage to keep your bodybuilder physique (ie the badass version of a “girlish figure”).

Any food/nutrition tricks you could share for how you’re able do this, despite the hectic schedule?


Dr Lowery,

I loved your recent “Injury vs Nutrition” article. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve been suffering from costochondritis (inflammation of ribcage/sternum cartilage) for almost 4 months now. I’ve tried everything: PT, heat, ice, ART, corticosteroids, etc., but with no success. As such, I haven’t been doing much in the gym, but I KNOW there has to be a way to manipulate training parameters to enhance my recovery. Would you offer some suggestions for using weight-training for injury rehab and recovery, specifically regarding cartilage injuries? Thanks!

Dr. Jeckyll vs. Mr. Hyde internal debates, huh? I’m sure I’ve seen a paper in a respectable journal re: L-carnitine having an RER lowering effect due to hepatic effects. Systemically I think it may be possible to garner something even if it doesn’t enter skeletal muscle per se (intramyofibrillar mitochondrial action).

My physique stinks these days. Don’t even get me going. Best tip though for “on the go”? Probably car snacks. Dried fruit, bags of nuts, dry cereal (lots of choices). Help me brainstorm here, brother.


lots of foods that are said to be cancer preventers in men seem to do so via messing w/ testosterone. For example pumpkin seeds protect against prostate cancer partiallu via inhibiting testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone.

Are these type of effects something people like us should worry about? Or in general are these effects in the minuta category?

You know what? I’m starting to think time off. I don’t know about your specific condition and wouldn’t feel responsible giving specific advise if I did - but I can tell you that I seem to have little recourse with a similar problem.

I’ve spoken to another athlete with sternal problems and her physican concurred with the time off option. In fact, more time than for many other injuries. After eight weeks of no weights at all I personally will start back with push ups for two months. I’m serious. Ice and NSAIDS are going to be my friends, too. (I’ll likely back off the n-3 fats during this time.)

This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep pursuing therapeutic options via your MD and PT! There must be ways to treat these types of non-limb injuries. Keep me posted here, eh?

Good question. Moderation in all things, eh? Dietary variety is a good approach to reaping some benefits without getting too much of any one substance.

You know, low dietary fat combined with high fiber intake can lower T but we can’t all go wild on high-fat, low fiber diets in the name of T.

BTW, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts - all cruciferous veggies are potently anticarcinogenic and I don’t think indoles act via T supression…

Okay, I’m out. I just burned by peppers and onions… and they were smelling good.

See y’all Tuesday…