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I’m continuing to hang out and post in other nutrition threads but I promise to check back here often…


Dr. L,

 I'm considering leaving medical school in persuit of a PhD in nutrition (I'm disappointed in the view of nutrition by the medical community).  I'm currently taking a nutrition course and I'm kind of disappointed in the nutrition program. 

For example my professor told a student that you get tired after eating a large pasta meal because of all the tryptophan in the pasta that gets converted to 5-HT…can you believe that was her answer! I’d like you’re input on which direction you would see making the biggest difference (MD or PhD). I know this is a really general question, I’m just looking for your opinion. Thanks in advance. -mr

If you had a single best recommendation for a berry or fruit that had the best prevention for oxidative stress from exercise I would implement it immediately post exercise meal . (I know "lots of variety of berries get lifted " but…) Which do you think is more beneficial in all respects?

This was a question I posted and attached to the thread a couple of days ago when we were talking about berries and pubmed.

I actually just gone done working out about 40 minutes ago and I am waiting another 40 minutes for my post workout half tub of Surge to settle so I can eat in the window… I was hoping I could get a recommendation for my first post workout meal which is 1 cup yogurt, 1 scoop L/C grow, 2.5 cups cereal, and fruit. I was thinking with all our talk on berries that I could go pick some up at the grocery store now and eat them for the fruit category on the workout meal.

Which ever you think is the most beneficial overall for oxidative stres due to exercise.

Thanks Dr. Lowery,

-Get Lifted

GL, my recommendation is goji berries (aka wolfberries, aka Lycium), with an ORAC value of 25,300!!!

Yeah, Tampa…

Dr. Lowery and I were looking at some studies on those in a prior thread at the beginning of the week.

I’m just curious if that is what he thinks. Hopefully I can find those in a grocery store…

-Get Lifted

Either buy your own tree (not kidding) or you can buy them online in season – both at www.timpanogosnursery.com/, a nursery in Utah.

Well, that’s a bit too heavy a question for me to answer without a LOT more info. (And it’s not appropriate that I be your advisor on this. Do you have one you trust or respect?)

Here’s a personal thought based on my family, however… My sister went one way and I the other.

When plotting a career path consider the spectra of prestige, salary and commitment. For example, prostitutes have low prestige but high salary; professor-types are a bit the opposite. Regarding commitment, I’ve seen my sister live her job (haven’t seen her in years despite living in same state; I’m serious.) I have more flexibility to determine when I work so long as I get it done. Being Type A, I’ve tried to reach as many “students” as possible, marrying my writing with my teaching and research. In the end I’m not materialistic and want to help others moreso than obsessinig over salary (sappy sounding as that is). So, you’re weighing at least three things in this decision.

Regarding your exposure to seemingly sub-par nutrition professionals, I can say this. If you go the Ph.D. route in this profession-oriented (vs. academic-or research-oriented) field, you’ll eventually make a choice: look to improve the field with your knowledge of research and physiology or get frustrated that you’re in a 2-3% minority (Ph.D.). Or you could go with physiology and do nutrition-oriented research with the right mentor.

I chose to pursue a career that I love, even over other factors. Perhaps that was too hedonistic but I don’t regret turning down the dean of the medical school one day who was impressed enough with my sister to offer me a “personal tour”.

Get Lifted,
You’re right. Variety in berry intake is best - as with basically everything else in nutrition. Berries, as I recall, actually offer different antioxidant effects (exogenous and endogenously-affected) depending on the berry. I wouldn’t nitpick. If I had to pick a fave I’d say blueberries for reasons beyond just antiox. function. But that’s just personal preference.

Terry, that is hardcore, my friend! I may have to try them myself!

Actually, the antioxidant power of various fruits/ berries depends on the assay, as I’m sure you know (but some readers may not). There are LOTS of ways to measure it in vivo and in vitro. Hence I’ve seen different rankings.

(I just really like the taste and texture of my blueberries and they may have neuro-protective effects among other functional qualities.)

Thanks…I appreciate your insight and experience.

Does magnesium have any positive impacts on sleep and recovery?

What is the optimal dosage?

Mg++ has been used experimentally in subjects with disturbed sleep patterns (like restless legs syndrome). I read that is also affects stress hormones (ACTH and adrenal sensitivity). That’s pretty cool.

It also plays a role in potentiating insulin action (wrote about this ages ago in Flex magazine, believe it or not!). Better insulin action may improve some aspects of recovery, of course, but I have yet to see specific data on this.

Mg++ is also one of the rare minerals that men may under-consume (but this is debatable depending on the survey and analysis used).

This mineral has a bizarre status in that its Upper Limit (of safety) is belowits RDA! 350 mg daily is the Tolerable Upper Limit but the RDA is 400-420 for adult men. bizarre.

The reason for the discrepancy is that the UL refers to supplemental Mg++; more than this often gives one diarrhea. Food source magnesium, however, can go above that 350 Upper Limit.

Dr. Lowery,

Here are two left over questions from the 5-31-05 thread:

  1. Besides salmon, what other fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids?

  2. Question from PtDR:

[quote]PtrDR wrote:
I have a contest in 7 weeks. That means I have less than six total weeks of dieting and cardio to go.

My question is this: A while back you made mention of doing cardio AFTER your last meal of the day, in order to really shed some fat along with some possible muscle loss. It seems you were also including doing cardio on an empty stomach in the AM as well. Would this be too much? I am willing to take some muscle loss in order to come in really ripped and ready!

Your thoughts would be much appreciated!


Thank you for your time!

Alllrighty then; stick a fork in me. I’m done.

see you next Tuesday…

I’ll just eat berries then post workout… Rasberries, blueberries, Goji berries if I can find them at vitamin cottage or wild oats… strawberries, snasberries… wait I think only wila wonka has those. lol

-Get Lifted

Precontest Cardio: I have a contest in 6 weeks and am looking to shed some “stubborn fat”. You wrote once about doing cardio before brkfst and AFTER the last meal of the day.
Can you give me more info?