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Lowery On TV!

Just saw T-Nation contrib Dr. Lonnie Lowery on Fit TV. He was fondling a giant piece of fat and dropping some knowledge .

See his latest web log entry for details!


Lowery wrote:

“I know John Berardi has just released an e-book (late Nov. 2004) on improving dietary variety. I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not he unleashes “Blue Steel” in it’s pages, however.”

MWA-ha-ha, damn that’s by far the funniest thing I saw Dr. Lowery write.

I thought Lowery did great, it’s just not the same as seeing him in person though, you don’t get the frantic enthusiasm from the tv.

The show itself was okay. The host had a little case of dietary fat phobia, but the rest was pretty balanced.

Jose Antonio was also on there.

Thanks for the props, Chris.

Yeah, Joey is very smooth on TV. And a great guy, as anyone who meets him realizes.

Now we just need to crank up some of OUR OWN “T-Broadcasting” (even if it is just audio), eh?

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the announcement on the home page. Looks like Tim & TC are finally gonna go for this. Sweet. Even after a catastrophic computer meltdown (the Midwest will be a fallout zone for 10,000 years), I think I still have a few “Experiments vs Experience” audio shows to donate.

Tell the powers that be that T-Broadcasting should not be limited to streaming audio. I need MP3s so I can take audio on the road.


MOD NOTE: You can make this suggestion yourself in the Tech Support Forum under the appropriate pre-existing thread.